"Sunshine Company"-When was it made?

One of my cable channels carries the “ShopNBC.Com” channel…most of the time. On off-hours, they show some weird kid’s show from the 1970’s called the “Sunshine Company”. It appears to be sort of a low-rent version of Sesame Street-without the talent. There appears to be a moustached man in coveralls, a didzey blond woman in a dress, and cheesey animal characters…mixed in with some Christain eveangekical stuff. Anybody know when this show was made?

I thought I’d easily Google up the answer, but damn! No show by that name comes up, but rather the name of a 1960s folk-pop group that has retained an odd admiration from the critical community.

Btw, the word is “evangelical” :slight_smile:

I think I may Google up “Sonshine Company”- see if that works. Alas, in some C’tian TV circles, they could have made it this morning & it would still look like 1970s cheese.