Super Bla Blazo..And why is everyone on Spanish TV...

I was watching a game show(??) called Super Bla Blazo. The host (no not the puppet) is very nice looking. Then it dawned on me. Everyone male and female (well pretty much so…) on TV 44 and 66 (those are Telemundo and Univison in Chicago are pretty much a knockout. Be they male or female.

So is this a rule? Also what does Bla Blazo mean? I need to learn Spanish. Is everyone having as good a time as they seem on those channels.

I agree with you there, Mark. The Spanish channels in the Chicago area seem to be dedicated to the idea that Illinois needs as many hours of attractive blonde (?) Hispanic women as possible. I’ve been known to watch for about 15-20 minutes or so and I don’t know a single word of Spanish!

Come to think of it, I also remember watching MTv International on Telemundo and seeing Daisy Fuentes all the time as the VJ.

I’m not an expert on Hispanic culture by any means, but my guess is that they put lookers on there just to get viewers. It’s really not that uniques. When’s the last time you saw an unnatractive woman or man as a news anchor here?

I’m willing to bet that people in Spanish television are also a little more upfront about this type of thing than the people who run U.S. TV. Here they still pay lip service to things like “news sense” and “objectivity.” South of the border though, they just say flat out: “People will watch eye candy, so that’s what we’ll give 'em.” Gotta give them credit, at least they’re honest about it.

I thought there was one guy who hosted everything on Univision.

I’ve tuned in before, thinking I might learn a little Spanish - but I can rarely tell what the hell is going on. I remember one show - there was a panel of some sort, each panel member was seated in a bizarre desk/go-cart type thingy, marked with a different sign of the zodiac. They formed a semi-circle and in the center was a stool. Then, the host brought out…Geraldine Chaplin! She sat on the stool and possibly talked about her father, because they showed photos of him - but I couldn’t tell because she spoke Spanish - and then some panel members responded. I don’t have a clue what that was all about.

The beauty contests are fabulous, though - the gowns are so elaborate, they’re like floats being pushed around by the girls inside.

Yes, Univision is one odd TV channel. My grandmother gets it on her cable.

I remember watching Sabado Gigante one day, and watching an American comedian smoosh his face against a piece of clear plexiglas, rubbing it back and forth to the tune of “It’s Not Unusual.”