Super Bowl 2008

It is starting soon. (OK, 3 hours away…)

Here is the thread for rooting, (respectful) smack talk and wishful thinking.

I am rooting for the Giants (and probably wishful thinking) . But I believe that the Pats will win.

Have fun! I won’t be watching - as I told my brother last week, the day my cousins get a big ol’ tub of beer, some hot dogs and chips and gather around the television to watch the Oscars is the day that I will do the same at the next Super Bowl.

I will, however, be logging in later to MSNBC to see the commercials and vote for the best one.

But have fun, one and all - party hearty!

We played it smart – we had to run to Target this morning, so we made sure to buy a passel of new books and toys for The Littlest Briston. My daughter means the world to me, but I’m going to do all I can to keep her occupied from 6:30 on. :slight_smile:

Oh, and GO GIANTS!!!

I have $19 riding on the Pats.

BTW, what is everyone munching on during the game…besides chili, that is? I’ve got a pepperoni, onion, mushroom, roasted garlic and tomato pizza lined up.

Well, I grew up in New England, so I’m a hopeless Pats fan.

So, yeah, go Patriots

Chili, wings, chili cheese dip, various chips and dips, and whatever everyone else brings. I know there’s a seven-layer dip coming, but I have no idea what everyone else is bringing.

My roomie and his brother are grilling up some ribs and chicken, and I plan to make some wings, and I’ll also be getting some chips, dip, and so forth (I should probably go out and get those now…)

Let’s see: good half-time entertainment, (hopefully) good commercials, and of course a storied Super Bowl game.

The game New York Giants vs. New England Patriots - on paper, but its really Manning vs. Brady. That’s what I’ll be watching for.

I can’t believe this game is almost one-quarter over already. Time flies when you’re up by 3 (however fleetingly).

Toomer totally got away with a facemask on that D-back. It looks like the Pats are going to have to beat the officials as well as the Giants.

What a crappy way for Eli to lose his streak of not throwing interceptions. He hits Steve Smith right on the hands but the receiver manages to tip it right into the air? Ouch.

The Giants looked very strong on that first drive, but they’re giving up big chunks on every play on defense. Well shut my mouth, maybe they’ve actually made a stop! No punts for almost the first 20 minutes is pretty cool - this game is really flying by so far.

Brady doesn’t look especially good, but so far he hasn’t needed to be.

Blah blah blah. This canard comes out every year during the Super Bowl, usually to set the table for the after-game excuses for losing. Give it a rest.

They just showed some aerial coverage of the stadium and it looked sundown over the stadium (with streetlights already on), but here in NM it’s still nice and sunny. Somehow I doubt that’s live coverage.

This game is as boring as Troy Aikman, but better to have him than Moose and Goose I guess. Aikman damn near came close to implying the INT was Eli’s fault, the moron. And is Brady going to pass the fucking ball? If he can’t, he shouldn’t be in the game.

Two sacks in a row after they rarely got close during the first quarter! (Aside from the first play.) Whether it’s a trend or not, that’s going to increase the energy of the game.

Randy Moss looked haunted in that shot of him sitting next to Brady on the bench.

I just mentioned that in the commercial thread. I live about 15 miles from the stadium, and it’s still bright out. It wasn’t a live shot or they heavily filtered it.

So is the final score going to be 7 to 3?


Why are the Giants getting another third down?

Becasue the play resulted in a first down, and I assume that penalty doesnt give a loss of down.