Super Bowl Snow Crisis

Talked to MIL earlier today. Where she is is getting hit hard by snow. As in, if she didn’t have a cell, we wouldn’t have been able to reach her. No power, and even if there was power, probably no cable. And it’s a large area of eastern PA/north WV that is so affected, not just her community.

As such, a lot of people won’t be able to see the Super Bowl. Quelle horreur! And I’m not even being sarcastic. Between the people who really want to see the game, and CBS having already sold the ad time, this is pretty darn bad.

(And yes, I know that compared to what’s happening in Haiti, this is not a crisis. But everyone wants to hang on to what they have.)

Anyone else seeing the marketing opportunity for NFL branded emergency football viewing power sources(sometimes known as a generator):wink:

You don’t need cable/satellite to watch network television, though I’m guessing the number of people who have an antenna lying around is pretty low. Do modern tvs have an internal antenna?

you need a digital converter now anyways, no more analogue broadcast signal

Oh yeah, forgot about that.

Only if you have a rather old tv.

Yikes. As a Saints fan, I’d likely be in panic mode by now. If nothing else, she can listen to the game on car radio. Prolly have to run the engine to avoid draining the battery, and you’d want to not do that in a closed garage. Open the garage door, maybe back the car into the driveway, and crack a window or two…

Mr. Rilch talked to MIL again. She’s at a friend’s house, and they are literally huddled around the fireplace. They’re going to use the Emergency Football Viewing Power Source (tm Wolfman) this afternoon. I’m just wondering how they’re going to get the signal, though; I guess someone has an antenna.

(Meanwhile, she put the fridge/freezer contents on the back porch – 8 degrees last night – there are fallen tree branches all over the property, and her pipes are frozen. But that’s kind of MPSIMS material.)

I’m trying to figure out where someone can be located that Eastern Pennsylvania is close to Northern West Virginia… :eek:

GD it, I meant western. My fingers didn’t do what my brain wanted.

OOH, you mean Pittsburgickia. Got it. :wink: