Super Mario Bros mapped out

Does anyone know where I can get maps of all the levels in the NES game SMB? I’ve seen a map that is pieced together from emulator screenshots, that one would be the best.

It is for a project I am working on. Search engines have yielded no useful results.

Try your library for old issues of Nintendo Power. They usually had mapped levels.



Ever since Super Nintendo came out, I’ve had something against Nintendo. I used to think that they should have just concentrated on NES games, not SNES. And we subscribed to Nintendo Power, so it REALLY got my goat to see all SNES games and no NES games.

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If you wanted Nintendo-made maps of SMB1, you’d have to go farther back than Nintendo Power, more like Nintendo Fun Club. I’ve never seen the first issue of it, but by the second issue SMB was already old news, so I don’t think Nintendo even made any.

Your best bet now is to either map the levels out yourself with any decent emulator, or maybe ask the guys at The Mushroom Kingdom if they know of any (I did a quick check there and couldn’t find any maps).

Many years back, Nintendo put out a Game Atlas for popular NES games: SMB1,2,3; Zelda 1,2; Megaman 1,2,3; StarTropics 1; Castlevania 1,2,3; TMNT 1,2,3; and Ninja Gaiden 1,2 (I think that’s right). The maps aren’t large scale, and the enemies aren’t necessarily there (they’re pieced together from screenshot), but the backgrounds are all there, if that’s enough.

 Never did get so into those newfangled systems. I'm still content with satisfying my cravings by playing and replaying Baseball Stars and Tecmo Bowl for the NES.

Hey, I had that guide! Unfortunately, it’s long gone now, to where exactly, no one knows…

Anyway, SMBHQ has lots of Mario game screenshots here, but they’re not the full maps you’re looking for, AndyKeats. FWIW, the folks there are looking for cross-section shots, too. The site also has a message board; you might have better luck finding maps (or someone who knows where some are) there.

There used to be a way to get into negative world in SMB, but I don’t remember anymore

Oh, I LOVE my SNES! My favorite games were Breath of Fire one and two (two especially) and The Secret of Mana.

BTW, I believe there IS a big guide book you can get to the games.

Nintendo created a guidebook for Super mario all-stars on the Super NES, which is a combination of SMB, SMB2, SMB3, and Lost levels. You might still be able to find it somewhere.

I still remember it. :slight_smile: Okay, first you have to be either Super Mario or Fire Mario (all big). In World 1-2, you go all the way to the pipe that sends you back up to the flagpole, but don’t enter the pipe! Then break off the 2nd and 3rd blocks from the wall on the ceiling. Next, here comes the tricky part, you have to face the left and stand on the leftmost edge on the pipe. Duck, and while ducking, jump to the first block from the wall. It should take quite a few times before it works. You know it works when you are now in the middle of the brick wall. Walk through the brick wall to where the Warp Zone is, but don’t go all the way to the end! Immediately enter the first pipe you get to, and now you’re in negative world! All negative world is is World 2-2 (the swimming level) that repeats itself over and over and over until time is up.

This trick won’t work in the Super Nintendo version, only in the Nintendo version.

Super Mario Brothers : Prima’s Official Strategy Guide by Christine Cain.

We’ve got it at the library where I work. I vaguely recall complete maps to all the original 8-bit titles.

If you really want to check out the negative world, there used by a “movie” file that you could use in conjuction with the nes emulator, nesticle, and the supermario rom that would play back a successful run into the negative world. I’m not sure if it’s still out there. If it is, you can probably find it somewhere on