old Nintendo--I need help!

Back in the very early 90s, a coworker of mine brought her Nintendo system to work. During breaks, we played Mario constantly. I’ve never found a video game I enjoyed as much as that silly Mario game on Nintendo.

So, I was flashing back to that, and I decided to go look on Ebay to see if there’s any way I can find that Nintendo and that Mario game. The problem? I have no idea what I’m looking for. I don’t know which system it would have been, or which Mario. Mario Brothers? Super Mario Brothers? Nintendo? Super Nintendo? Does anyone have any idea what the timelines are of these things? I think her system was fairly new, though maybe not cutting edge.

Help! I want to buy myself a Christmas present.


Both the Super Nintendo and the Nintendo would both be possible. The easiest way to tell which one you want to find is the controller. When you played the game, was the controller you held a rectangle with a cross on the left side and two red buttons on the right side? Or was it a bit more curved on the bottom edge, with four buttons on the right side (like a grey-purple) and two other buttons on the top? If you had the two red buttons, it was a Nintendo, and if you had the other controller, it was the Super Nintendo.

First determine this, and then we can narrow the game down from the five bazillion Mario games. :slight_smile:

I’m completely unsure about the controllers. I found pictures and the grey ones looked more familiar, but it showed screenshots and the Super Nintendo screens didn’t look right and the Nintendo ones did.

The game was very linear. I don’t think you could backtrack much if you went too far along. It progressed from left to right on a “flat” world.


It sounds like you played Super Mario Bros., but possibly not on the console it was released on, which FYI was the NES - Nintendo Entertainment System.

Nintendo’s next console was the SuperNintendo (Super NES), however, they also released the old Mario games so you could play them on the SuperNintendo, as well as the Mario game the SuperNintendo shipped with, which I believe was Super Mario Bros. 3.

What zweisamkit is getting at with the two systems is that Nintendo released all the Mario games up to that point on the Super Nintendo, and the most prudent course of action is then to find a SuperNintendo and purchase Mario All Stars, which has four Super Mario games - and thus must have your Mario game on it.

Um, unless you played Super Mario World…but I don’t think that’s what you’re describing.

Super Mario World had a world map that you started at and you had to choose to enter a level - it didn’t progress you automatically.

Actually, I suppose all I have to say is “DIVE-BOMBING SUN OF DOOOOOOOM” and if you know exectly what I mean, then you played Super Mario World.

Original Nintendo

Super Nintendo

Those are your choices. However, there was another model of the original nintendo which came out in 1993,
Hope it helps.

Ha! Well, since I have absolutely no idea what you mean, I feel confident that it was not this game!

Thank you so much. I’ll search out Super NES and Mario All Stars. I am extremely grateful to all of you for your kind help.


Super Mario Brothers 1

Super Mario Brothers 2

Super Mario Brothers 3

Super Mario World

Those would be the most obvious games.

The dive-bombing sun of doom was in Mario Bros 3, not Super Mario World.

if your looking for SNES or NES games get a Game Boy Advance they have a lot of the old games on them which have been re-released and they’re more portable then NESs and SNES’s also the original Game Boy Advance has become a lot less expensive since the release of the GBASP

jsgoddess if Super Mario Brothers 1 is what you were looking for, I suggest you download and play this PC version.

It has only only 5 Worlds and 20 levels (as compared to 8 worlds and 32 levels in the nintendo version) but it is good enough to sate the occasional cravings.

Have fun!

Curse my posting from memory! You’re totally right, Elwood. I was so terrified by that stupid sun guy I forgot what game I was playing. Seriously, the first time I played that level, there was screaming in the Haniver house.

But, I think jsgoddess was playing the original Super Mario Bros.

Wow, I was more terrified of the ghosts that would hide their faces when you faced them, but when you turned your back they would get this “RAAAAAAAAAAAAR” face and chase after you. I seriously almost started hyperventilating when I had to play the castle levels with those ghosts in them!

Beware - I think that link contains a program which has spyware. I went to install it and when reading the user’s license it said it would add some sort of “search bar” to my IE. Since there is a bunch of browser hijacking programs going around, here’s a warning to anyone thinking about installing that program.

It could be both, if she thought of the round inflated yellow cape of a floating Mario in SMW as looking like a sun and referred to the fact that you can dive-bomb from that position.

Gamefaqs.com keeps a list of all games for all systems. It should be there. I know I downloaded from download.com a perfect PC ported Mario Brothers clone once but I can’t find it anymore.

All but the first one listed here have been re-released on the Game Boy Advance. I’d recommend getting one of those instead.

See as I play this game all the time and wasted God knows how many countless hours on this game in my youth, the game you are describing just about has to be Super Mario Brothers for the original NES. If it’s what I’m thinking of, it probably had Duck Hunt, too. Both games make me go all misty-eyed to think of now.

God, I miss that gray box.

Oh, something I forgot to mention in all that nostalgia that I don’t think anybody else mentioned, either.

Another option would be to download an NES emulator (such as NESticle, google it and all should be clear) and then find a ROM (.nes file) of Super Mario Bros. to play on your computer. It’s the exact same thing as the orginal carts, except there’s never any blinking gray screen when it doesn’t work and you don’t get one of the old controllers (another thing I really miss). Duck Hunt, though, will not come up, as there’s no light blaster. :frowning:

Oh yes, the dive-bombing sun. (Yes, I read the OP and then posted instead of reading through everything like I should’ve. I’m sorry.) The first time I played that level, I freaked out. After that, though I always learned to save a power wing and just fly over the whole thing. Yeah, it was cheap, but a dive-bombing sun isn’t?