Favorite home console

Sorry if I left your actual favorite off the list, but I put the most popular ones. Not including PCs and handhelds.

My choice:

First the runner-up: Playstation 2. For a JRPG/SRPG fanatic like myself, this system is hard to top in terms of both sheer numbers and quality (think: FFX, Persona 3 & 4, Disgaea 1 & 2, etc). Other genres are well represented (Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3, Okami, Katamari Damacy, GTA, God of War, RE4…). A huge number of games, a really long lifespan, no wonder it’s the best selling home console.

But it’s only second-best.

Winner: Super Nintendo. Maybe it’s just the nostalgia, as this was the system I grew up playing, but let me just let the games speak for themselves.

Super Mario World
Super Metroid
A Link to the Past
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy VI
Mega Man X
Super Mario Kart
Secret of Mana
Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Kirby Super Star
Contra 3

That could be a list of best games of all time until you realize they’re all on the same console. If JRPGs hit their peak with the PS2, the SNES was the peak of my other favorite genre, the 2D platformer. Graphics were still sprite-based, bright and sharp, as the industry had yet to start adopting the ugly low-res polygons of the PS1/N64 era. Honestly, it probably is just nostalgia, but damn this was a great console.

You are completely, 100% right. I’m also of the opinion that anyone who picks a console besides the SNES just wasn’t playing video games between 1991 and 1996. Most likely because they weren’t born yet.

Well I picked the NES because I was born maybe slightly earlier than you (82)? I guess I might have been slightly young for the NES, but my parents got it for me and my two older siblings in the mid 80’s. We never had a SNES, so my next console wasn’t until 97 or 98 when I got an N64 in high school…which was also a great console and it’s too bad it “lost” to the PS1. It had more power, but the developers tried to hard to always use it. I mean…the N64 could have had some AMAZING 2D or 2.5D platformers, but 99.9% of the games were 3D just because the developers felt they had to be 3D.

Off the top of my head, I can only name a few non-3D N64 games…a Yoshi’s Island game, a couple fighting games, and…?

I’m just glad they never released a Metroid for N64, cause I know they would have tried to make it 3D, and it would have sucked ass-cock. Thank God they waited for the Gamecube to reboot that series.

I was born in 81 and the NES was my second system (my parents bought me an Atari 2600 earlier, although they played it more than I did). I loved the NES, but as a whole, the Super NES is the superior system. Just so many great games and 16-bit remakes of the NES’ three best games to boot.

I voted the Atari 2600. Fun games (especially from Activision and Imagic), one button, 8-directional joystick…anybody can play, not just the pinhead that does nothing but play Madden all day so they can humiliate their friends.

Besides, anybody can beat a game with save points. Try playing a perfect game of Pitfall II, making day 10 on Enduro, or beating Solaris. Those are tough even by today’s standards (and I’ve done all three).

Dreamcast is slightly ahead of SNES and PS2 for me.

Jet Grind Radio and Shenmue II are my two favorite games for any console, so that was what settled it.

Also, Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Soul Calibur are still my favorite fighters.

And how can anyone not love the Space Channel 5 games?

What, no option for a Neo Geo? :wink:

Yep, definitely wasn’t playing consoles at that time. I was born in 1974 though. I have to base my comparison on the Xbox, Xbox 360, and Wii.

Mega Drive was better than SNES though.

:eek: Blasphemy!

Voted 2600, would have preferred to vote for the 7800. Grew up on the system, still prefer to play games on it (despite having dozens of other systems from over the years). Programming the machine is an enjoyable artform in itself. 7800 would have gotten the nod because it’s 99+% compatible with 2600 software as well as having its own library.

During the Genesis/SNES 16-bit wars, my preferred console was the Turbo Grafx-16… my preferences for gaming from ~1985 to 1998 or so, however, weren’t consoles, but computers. The Commodore 64 (I actually used a 128) and Amiga range kept me filled with gaming goodness at a time when I felt console games had become boring.

PS2 was just an awesome system all around. I didn’t even have one until 2007, but I can really say that it is a wonderful system all around.

My backup one would be the SNES, which is a very close second for me. Amazing system with countless great games.

I had a Genesis. Anyway, there isn’t an option for Family Computer, but it doesn’t matter because I picked PS2 despite not even owning one. In fact, even though my only console is the XBOX 360 I’m suprised it should right now be #1. I like my 360 but the PS2 definitely kicks its ass, there are just so many different and new types of games that were developed just for the platform and let’s not forget finally gaining the holy grail of backwards compatibility. So many great PS1 games were made available just by that alone. No, PS2 is definitely where it’s at.

Not on the list, but I would have voted for the Atari 5200. Unfortunately, the controllers were an abomination unto the Lord but other than that, the system rocked.

It’s not even close. It’s the 360. There’s no logical reason why anything before the NES should even be in the poll. Hell, I think it’s debatable to go back to the PS2.

Wow. That almost sounds like the video game equivalent of “I don’t watch black and white movies”.

No. I appreciate the NES. I still have one at my parents’ house and my girlfriend has one, too. Games are just better these days.

I have to vote for the only one I’ve ever actually owned or played: the Atari 2600.

Most games are better than FF6 on the SNES, then? I find that hard to believe. I am not sure if most games are better than Super Mario 3.

I mean, really?

Yep. Really. then again, if you want to pick out the very best of the games for SNES, at least compare them to the best for the 360.