Super Mario Bros

My 5 year old grandson has become enamored of the game. Way too much in my opinion but his dad is no help. If he can’t get grandpa to play with him he watches Mario channels on YouTube. I have zero gaming experience, he beats the crap out of me and giggles endlessly when I make Mario fall in the pit. Meanwhile he is jumping from brick to brick, sailing over goblins and grabbing coins like crazy.

On YouTube I notice sometimes Mario carries a flashlight or something. There are leader dots coming off it and he can wave it around. The dots are different colors at times. Where the dots hit a surface there is a small patch of light. But - sometimes it seems to burst into flames over a much larger area. Sometimes bad guys come out of the flaming section.

So what is going on? How did he get the flashlight and how does he lose it? Is there control over what it does?


Which console is he playing on? What’s the actual title of the game (there are hundreds of Super Mario games)?

I would also be curious of the video referenced. The only Mario game I can think of with a flashlight is Luigi’s Mansion.