Super-secret soul sauce

Sit-com. '70s. Someone has cooked dinner and it has ‘super-secret soul sauce’.

‘That super-secret soul sauce wouldn’t have anything to do with those bandages on your fingers, would it?’

That’s all I remember.

Was this an episode of Sanford & Son? Or was it something else?

The more I think about it, the more I think Grady was cooking, and Fred was complaining.

That IS ringing a bell in my mind…but that’s all a I got on it.

“Super Chicken” ?

No, Super Chicken drank super sauce. I’m thinking of ‘super-secret soul sauce’, spoken by a live actor. I think it’s from Sanford & Son because of the ‘soul’ reference, and doesn’t really sound like something from Good Times.

Good point. Super Chicken was also white. (snicker)