"super" slim CD jewel case ?

back in the old days i was buying CD-R in 10mm jewel cases. then came the 5mm “slim” jewel cases that allowd to store twice as many disks in same space. and now i see this :


so it says 3mm, but i think they might be FULL OF SHIT as right there it says its half standard thickness ( which would be 10/2 or 5 mm ) which would make it only a slim, not a “super” slim case.

if it were indeed 3mm that would be hot, cuz then i could store THREE disks in place of each one.

and here is another possibility which is intrigueing to me :


the reason i think its interesting is cuz jewel cases BREAK ALL THE TIME and this looks like something flexible and thus less prone to breakage.

i want opinions :slight_smile: what to get ?

ps: obviously the media i will be buying separately on a spindle.

I sang the praises of my personal favorite disc-media storage solution in this thread.

I like the sandard cd jewl cases. You can read what you have in them just by looking at the side of them.

In my experience the clamshell cases suck. They’re difficult to keep closed, and have a distinctly unstackable shape. The little knob that’s supposed to keep them closed protrudes a little, and of course you can’t easily keep them on their edge.
If you’re interested in flexibility, I have some cases that are a flexible clear plastic sleeve, square, with a velvety cloth insert to protect the back of the CD. They’re a little bit thinner than the 5mm slim cases. A brief search online didn’t turn up an example, but I know they’re out there.

Dunno if you guys noticed this but you can stack about 4 cds in a regular cd case & a slimline case about two.

i hate putting more than 1 cd per case. the top disk tends to move around.

by the way, i bought those clamshell ones, a 100 pack.

If you look closely at the the first picture in the OP’s link, you’ll see that it’s a standard jewel case.

ye, but the picture is not of the actual product though i believe.

I use clamshell cases that I buy at Walmart. I buy the purple ones, but I’ve seen green too. I think it’s around $5 for a pack of 20. I’ve never had a problem with keeping them closed, and they don’t have anything protruding that prevents stacking them. I like them.