Super Smash Bros.

OK, this is a dumb question, but how do you think Super Smash Bros. should be pronounced?

Is it Super Smash Brothers, or Super Smash Bros?

My kids pronounce one way and I pronounce it the other. I don’t want to influence anyone by saying who pronounces it which way.

My 17 year old son says he’s heard it both ways equally and he’s never heard any one correct anyone else or say they’re saying it wrong. He says Super Smash Bros.

I say “brothers”, but I’d surely understand someone who said “bros”.

Brothers. Just like the Mario Brothers.

After a quick jaunt to Youtube, the intro screen announcer guy of the original N64 game clearly says “brothers”, so I would say that’s the correct way.

Brothers. Note that the game title is actually “Super Smash Bros.” not “Super Smash Bros”. Cite

The word is clearly an abbreviation of brothers, not the slang term “bros”.

Well that seems pretty definitive. Here’s the video: Super Smash Bros. - Intro Nintendo 64 (HQ) - YouTube

Go to 1:12. Thanks!

we always said brothers

My son (16) says “Bros” but I figure either way is good 'nuff for me. I’d probably say “Brothers” but I’m all old and non-hip like that.