Super yummy and easy chicken recipe

I know…there are a million of these. I will add one more to the list.

I made the recipe below earlier tonight and it turned out great! Better, it was really easy. A one-pot wonder. My place still smells fantastic. Weirdly (for me) it has dates in it and I do not like dates. But they work great here and I love them. I got the ones I had to remove the pits myself, dunno if that makes a difference, but only 4-5 so super easy.

There is a video linked in the recipe. FWIW I used only chicken thighs. I think thighs and legs would be better but thighs alone (I made four) worked great. I would be worried doing chicken breasts and, as noted in the video, skinless/boneless breasts are right out. You do you though.

The sauce that results is pretty amazing and it just sorta happens.

This chef tends to be a little too fancy most times IMO but this one she nails. Easy, cheap and yummy (not fast, but easy):

This does look good and I may try it one day. I don’t have a Dutch oven, though; thinking about trying it with an Insta-Pot.


Can an Insta-Pot brown chicken? (I really do not know)

As a general note a Dutch oven is a pretty worthwhile investment. Not too expensive and you can cook all sorts of things with one. Very versatile and (usually) super durable (last forever with minor care). Just saying…

The Instant Pot can indeed brown things.

This looks like a nice midweek meal to make on a winter’s day. I usually have all these ingredients on hand except dates; I’ll have to take a look for medjool dates next time I do a grocery run (skeptical that my local Kroger will have them, though)

I was surprised my local grocer (Jewel) had them. But they did.

I just opened my refrigerator and was reminded we have a big Costco jar of kalamata olives. That might make a good substitute if I can’t find medjool dates.

Not seeing olives as a replacement for dates but hey…give it a go.

I will say that the sauce which is produced when cooking uses the sweetness of the dates to balance it out right. I don’t think olives will give similar results. But, again, it’s your dinner. Do as you see fit.

Yes, I understand that it wouldn’t be a close substitution and would become a different dish, but lacking access to dates and having access to kalamata olives, I just thought the olives would be a good ingredient. The bitter / brine of the olives would balance nicely against the sour / sweet of the carmelized lemons, I think.

But, I would very much like to try this recipe as-is, provided I can source me some dates.

I have not tried this chicken recipe of hers (see below) but it uses olives and also looks easy and tasty. Might be a better fit for your olives. Just an idea.

One can buy dates online, or if you trust a random stranger from online, I can send you either already pitted dates, or a cup of date nibs [little nubbins that are the divot pushed out when they pit the dates, comes in handy when I make date bread because I don’t have to spend time pitting and peeling and chopping dates. I use them as a glucose booster if I drop too low in the middle of the night. I dislike eating dates as a snack out of hand because I find the dried parchment like skin a sense issue being autistic - it kills the ‘supposed to be soft and squidgy’ mouthfeel.]

Thanks! I’m going to do a grocery run today, so we’ll see if they have dates, and I will take it from there.

Date pieces are sometimes sold in packets in the baking section, near the coconut and raisins. Probably better to ask instead of wasting a lot of time walking around looking.