Superduper! of backups for Windows?

Being a Mac guy I really like using for backup SuperDuper!. What is the equivalent best backup software that runs on Windows 7?

Features I’m looking for are the following:
[li]Be able to backup two internal drives to one large external drive.[/li][li]Automated backups or at least come up and say something like “Time for a backup” or “It has been 1 week since your last backup, do you want to run the backup now?”[/li][li]Be able to do a shutdown when the backup has been completed.[/li][li]Easy to use.[/li][/ul]

Do any of them use the regular file system? On SuperDuper! you don’t need its software to look at the external drive and pull off a file. So I’d like to stay away from proprietary archive formats.

I use Retrospect, but that’s because I’ve always been a Retrospect guy on the Mac side so I got a good deal on the Windows version. Use “Duplicate” rather than “Backup”. It will even give you bootable Windows backups but not if the physical backup disk is an external; if your C drive dies you need to physically swap it out for the backup drive in order to boot from the backup drive.