Superheros who are dead, and still active Superheroes

I was thinking of DCs Boston Brand aka Deadman who became a superhero of sorts after he died and I wondered what other comic book characters were active heros , dark or otherwise, while also being technically a bit dead, or deadish.

Hard to serach for because when you type in dead superheroes it’s a different catagory.

So help out doper/comic nerds. From any comic , graphic novel etc. Which protagonists were technically dead.
There’s DCs Spectre of course,

MArvel’s Ghost Rider? Or is he just a demon that swaps places with Johny?

who else?

One of the versions of the Flash remained somewhat active after his death, not by being a ghost or other undead, but through time travel. That is, the current date is after his date of death, but before his death in his personal timeline, he time-traveled to times after his death.

Neither. Johnny, and Danny, and Alejandra, and Robbie are all alive, and the Spirits of Vengeance share the bodies, rather than swapping out. The hosts remain mostly in control.

Most (but not all) of the Deathloks are dead before being turned into Deathlok cyborgs.

Punisher was briefly dead and turned into an angel. This…is best not remembered.

Punisher was also revived as “Frankencastle” with a big honkin’ V8 engine block sticking out of his back. Also best not remembered…except we’re comics fans and have hypertrophied memories!

Does “dying and having your mind and memories transferred to a robot body” count? If so, among others, Cliff Steele, Robotman.

Dead Boy Detectives: two ghost boys who solve crimes.

How about Death herself? (Either Marvel or DC/Vertigo.)

Spawn and Solomon Grundy.

Captain Triumph, sort of.

Gentlemen Ghost?

Funky Phantom?

Jon Osterman was declared legally dead when his body was destroyed, and it was months before his – ghost? – let’s say disembodied consciousness popped in to fight crime and save lives as Doctor Manhattan.

Dusk (Slingers)
Dead Girl (X-Statix)
Erewhon (Justice League America, Gerard Jones era)
Various versions of Frankenstein
The Hanged Man (Astro City)
Jubilee, Baron Blood, Blade, Jubilee, Lilith (heroic vampires)

Secret (Young Justice)
Starman (Will Payton) maybe

Not dead. The second thing. Basically, Johnny Blaze just gets possessed on a regular basis by a demon.
Superman rather famously died…then got better.
Going back to the early days of the Golden Age, there was the original Black Widow, a dead woman who got ‘cured’ in order to work for Satan. Oh, for those simpler, more innocent times!

Jubilee died twice? That’s harsh.

The Spirit was pronounced dead, although he was only in suspended animation. I’m not sure if that counts as technically a bit dead or deadish.

There’s the Gay Ghost, later renamed the Grim Ghost for obvious reasons.

You could probably include Ghost Rider 2099 though, who was killed while having his conciousness plugged into the internet, so his “soul” was downloaded into the Ghost Rider robot body

George Chance fought crime as THE GHOST while alive and well; he (a) just had eerie powers, and (b) wasn’t terribly interesting. Alan Moore brought the character back, and promptly killed him off, so we could read about the all-new all-different adventures of THE GREEN GHOST: still George Chance, still a caped superhero – but now, y’know, dead, with his spirit using those eerie powers minus his broken-necked body.

Does Robocop count?

There is at least one member of the Green Lantern Corp who is dead but his ring is keeping him as a zombie lantern for reason known only to itself. (Personally, I think it is a glitch in the transferrance protocol.)

I think the Avenger Wonder man probably counts, although I’m not sure what his current continuity says. IIRC, he died shortly after originally receiving his powers, but was then revived as a zombie by his brother. Then, he later on revived all by himself, and it was revealed that he had just been in a death like coma (not sure how this fits with the Zombie bit).

I seem to remember later on it was revealed that he wasn’t really Simon Williams at all any more, and now was a being of pure ionic energy who had taken his form while he was in the grave or something.

Also, his personality was transferred to the body of Vision while he was ‘dead’, so you could argue that the Vision is also a post-death superhero

Wonder Man has died and been resurrected a bunch of times.

Initially by the work of Baron Zemo and the Enchantress, and then later by Kang, Black Talon, and the Scarlet Witch.