SUPERHOT - FPS where time only moves while you do

SUPERHOT released today on Steam, and I love it. It’s a minimalistic first person shooter with an amazingly clever gimmick: time only moves while you move. Stand still, and time slows to a crawl. Everyone, including you, dies in one hit. This basically makes it an FPS puzzle game, as you figure out how to kill legions of mooks without getting hit, dodging bullets, throwing objects, and stealing weapons to get the job done. There used to be a demo online a couple years ago, but I’m not sure if it’s still around.

Highly recommended. Super Bunnyhop released a favorable but honest review today:

Is this a remake? I remember playing this years ago.

There was a demo a couple of years ago with five or so short levels. This is a full game.

That looks pretty cool.

Bump. I just played this game. It is really cool.

Does “moving” include turning in place? Because it might be hard to assess the tactical situation if you can only safely look straight ahead.

It does, but you can usually take a quick peek around safely. It doesn’t advance time very much.

I really enjoyed the gameplay itself but found the continued interruptions from the ‘story’ to be hugely annoying. once you get through it an unlock the other non-story modes it gets a lot better.