Superman comic current continuity question

I sent Mrs. R this link, which she enjoyed (Busiek is always great),

…and then she asked me:

“Okay, so now I would like to read the buildup and final discovery by Lois of who he is and then the courtship…Do you know if there is a way to find out when the discovery happened? Surely there are sites that give summaries of comic book plots like they do with TV shows?”

Well, what the heck do I know about recent Superman stuff? But I do know a message board where there’s someone to answer any derned question you can think of.

So, if Mrs. R wants to read the issues in which Supes proposes, and in which he “comes out” to Lois, and in which they’re married, which issues of which comics should I be scouring The Android’s Dungeon for?

(I omit the courtship, since you could argue that their courtship has been going on since Day One.)

Clark and proposed to Lois and revealed his identity to her, in 1992 (Superman 50 and Action Comics 662, respectively). Due to Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman starting on TV, they decided to hold off on the wedding…and killed him, instead. They finally got married in 1996, and have been more or less happy since. The wedding is collected into Superman: The Wedding Album, IIRC.

I think I have some spare copies of the comics in which Clark revealed his secret to Lois. If you’d like to have them, I’ll gladly mail them for only the cost of postage.

The courtship (but not the wedding itself) was retold better in All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. It’s an ongoing limited series still in progress, so the Lois Lane issues (2 and 3) should still be in stock at your local comics shop.

Doesn’t it make you feel old than something that happened 15 years ago is current continuity?

Thanks! I stopped at the Comics Den and bought a copy of Superman 50 last night on the way home, and then, after an hour and a half of digging through dusty piles, found that I did, after all, have a copy of Action 662 (how 'bout that).

So Mrs. R has seen the two major moments. I tried to get her interested in All-Star Superman, which I’ve been accumulating, but no luck so far. Sigh. And isn’t All-Star out of continuity? Not that I care, particularly.

Say, does anyone else find the storytelling in All-Star to be a bit obscure? Sometimes I have to go over a page two or three times just to figure out what’s happening. (I don’t think I’m especially slow on the uptake…)


Would that be the one on Lefferts Blvd in Kew Gardens, NY?

Nope, about 3000 miles from there, in Renton, WA :smiley:

I’ll bet there are 500 “Comics Dens” across the country; and I’ll bet all their owners look about the same :wink:

Nope. It does, however, make me feel old that a lot of other stuff that happened 15 years ago isn’t.

That I have lived through 3 and a half reboots of the Legion of Super-Heroes…that makes me feel old.