Supernatural 9/10 - It's Back!

Man I am geeked for this show. So when we last left the Winchester boys’ the devil was coming and shit was getting ready to go down.

I have stayed away from any episode descriptions or talk about this show as I liked to be surprised, but I cant wait for them to get back into a groove. On a side note… whats up with the CW not showing Supernatural any love? I’ve seen about a million (slight exaggeration) promo’s for Melrose and 90210 and not a single one for this show.

If I hadn’t noticed the upcoming recording on my DVR I wouldn’t have known at all.

I’ve seen the promos for the new season, but I was just watching repeats of season 4, so I don’t know if they pushed it any more than that.

I don’t really watch any other shows on CW, so I can’t comment on the advertising or lack thereof. I am a fan of the show on facebook, so they let me know a couple of weeks ago that today was the day. I am so excited for the return of my eye candy.

OMG am so excited!!!11!!oneoneone

The CW sucks so bad. Why they refuse to promote their best show remains a mystery to me. OTOH, I kind of like its status as a cult show. I’ve seen all the promos and read more of the spoilers than I should have. Of course, sometimes Kripke’s spoilers are things like “Dean is going to take Castiel to a bar and teach him how to play pool!” (I swear, he told Entertainment Weekly that). So I don’t know how seriously to take the spoilers.

The thread title should have been:

Supernatural 9/10 : Guess Who Is Back!



I’ve been staying mostly spoiler free too, which is never easy for me. My expectations are high - this show seems to get better with every season, so five should completely rock!

Great idea having the fan-fiction fan deliver the message to Sam and Dean.

To Sam: “You are perfect!”

To Dean: “You…are not what I expected.”

I almost died laughing.


Angel’s condom. Heh. Ew.

I was not disapointed! Good lines, all the favorite characters back, and I like the actor playing Luci’s vessel. I did roll my eyes a bit at Bobby’s ability to just overcome the demon inside him - I know John did once, but that was before we knew as much about demons as we do now, and I want to know why other people aren’t overcoming possession out of love.

I’m pretty sure Sam and Dean are broken up now. Fanfic girl will be heartbroken.

By the way, was Dean’s hair different in this episode?

Forget Supernatural-how about that dreamboat on Vampire Diaries. That is SO the new hot show! It had drama and laughs and I was just sucked in!

Yeesh, I can’t even snark believeably. Somebody thought that was the best partner for Supernatural? I think Lucifer’s vessel will do a good job of being eeeevil. I had my doubts, but they are partly assuaged.

What color were Bobby’s eyes when he was possessed, btw? Were they black? They looked green to me, for some reason.

My god I love this show. Sympathy for the devil, indeed. I know it’s not exactly bible study, but they’re certainly delving deeper into the theology than I’d expect for a show on the CW.

Lucifer’s vessel… that poor bastard.

I can live with Bobby shaking off the demon, given Bobby’s role as the resident “truth-teller”/expository fairy of the show.

And on a purely selfish groin-driven note; Yay Alive Cass in Same Actor Vessel!!! And seriously, I’m loving Badass God’s Favored Child Castiel.

I’m a little baffled at how Bobby could have been possessed in the first place. Remember how irritated he was with Sam when he got himself possessed in Born Under a Bad Sign? He told them they were idjits (well, I can’t remember precisely, that’s probably what he said) and gave them anti-possession charms. How could he have been so unprepared?

Also: Cas is a badass! Who knew? I’m very curious to know who Cas and Zach were talking about re: who put Sam and Dean on that plane. God, I expect? I don’t know.

Wincest girl made me laugh so hard I couldn’t even follow the dialogue for a moment.

“Angel’s condom” glad I wasn’t drinking anything at that moment.

Me too. I think the real reason is “this would be a cool scene, so screw continuity”.

Hells to the yeahs Cas is badass! Good casting there. And yeah, I think God is the implied man behind the curtain. I guess in a show about demons and angels it’s hard not to bring God into the equation, but I hope they don’t have a whole lot more wrangling about why God is missing or not helping out the humans and then not address that eventually.

Heh. I didn’t quite get why she was disappointed in Dean. I get the whole fanfic thing and what Wincest means but I don’t follow that scene - is this some in joke reference to things fans have said?

Also this is the second Wincest tribute. I wonder if they will dare to take it all the way through a spell or a dream sequence?

Well, they’ve always said that the angels are warriors and whatever, but Cas has a history of getting beaten up. A lot.

AFAIK, her disappointment with Dean was not a reference to anything. (I think. Usually I catch the little references to fandom jokes that they put into the show, but I dunno here.) She was, I guess, just a Sam!girl. And they will never actually have Wincest on the show - even in a dream or as the result of a spell. I really can’t imagine the network or sponsors being on board with gay incest. Fangirls, however, are another story. If you feel the burning need to have Wincest in your life, well, you have access to the internet. It’s out there.

Yeah, I guess. Though I was expecting that to be the “million dollar question” Dean was going to ask near the end.

BTW, for those of you on Twitter, Misha Collins (Cas) is a hoot.

Interview with Kripke & Bobby about this ep: (Somewhat spoily.)

Can you stop touching me?
No. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually enjoyed the Vamp Diaries. Just silly fun with pretty people. And if I hadn’t turned it on, I wouldn’t have realized Supe started last night!

I almost died laughing at that.

So, having been willing to suspend disbelief about Bobby’s wussy posession, it occurs to me this morning… isn’t Yellow Eye’s daughter (Meg) supposed to be dead? I’m pretty sure that in the first season finale, Azaezel explicitly says that the boys killed his children.