Superpower poll. Which and why?

a: Would you rather have the power of…

[li]Invisibility[/li][li]Flight[/li][li]Walking through walls(anyone have a more scientific name for this? Like ‘molecular non-interactivity’ or something)[/li][li]Mind control[/li][li]No superpowers, just incredible stealth, wit, agility, attention to detail, and amazing gadgets/tools[/li][/ul]

b: Why? What would you do with your power?

c: Good or evil?

d: Which celebrity would you most like to save/be a hero/heroine to? (and if you like, describe the scenario of saving them)

e: Invent a really naff mutation for an x-men character. (or several)

a: No power, just great stealth etc… I’d hire myself out to govornments to solve ‘problems’.

b: It’s more fun to have to do cool things with just my human abilities.

c: Good, but a little mischievous.

d: Currently, Adriana Lima.

A terrorist group takes a fashion show under siege. Eventually they take off with her as a hostage. They end up in some high security complex with hundreds of guards, cameras, hi-tech security equipment. I am asked to go in undetected and rescue her by her mega-rich father. I get to her undetected but there’s no way for both of us to get out without triggering alarms. Cue a very tense escape in which each guard met is disabled without a chance to make a sound. And no-one knows quite where the intruder (me) is.

e: Magneti - can cause magnetic compasses to point at them. A4 - ability to walk through walls, as long as they are made of paper.

a: Flight! Flight! Flight!

b: Why?


My powers would simply be called “POWERS!”, but said in a Saturday morning cartoon evil overlord voice. They would consist of 21st Century style death rays which come out of my eyes. The brilliant red-orange beams would be visible from the side - purely for effect, just the way laser beams aren’t. They’d usually be used simply for frying people I don’t like, but would also have tractor capabilities. I’d use them to pick people up and bang their heads against the ceiling in a comical fashion.

I’d also have trained evil bats, just for the chance to say, “Fly! Fly, my pretties!”

(a) If I had the choice I’d go for high-level telepathy (preferbly with telekinesis thrown in) but it would be a hard choice between that and shape-shifting.

My reasons are, apart from being an insanely cool power if you could control it, it effectively gives you all the other powers. If you’re good enough you could take over someone else’s body and use it for yourself, you could wipe their mind entirely and copy a version of yourself into it (this is for the Evil version naturally) take control of anything you want up to and including governents, pursuade people to do whatever you want etc

In other words the possibilities are almost limitless.

(b) See above

(c) I think I’d be good but if the circumstances demanded telepathy could be the ultimate offensive weapon.

(d) I don’t subscribe to the cult of celebrity, they’re no better than anyone else.

Actually I think I’d be an anti-telepath, telepath, the swift avenger against all those attempting to use their fiendish mental powers for ill…if this involves insane amounts of destruction and property damage…oh well :smiley:

Agreed. But they are still called celebrities and are therefore known (of) by lots of people. Which well known person who may or may not be a ‘celebrity’ would you most like to rescue.

  1. Mind control

  2. With it, I could do pretty much anything.

  3. I doubt I’d be evil but I sure wouldn’t be nice either.

  4. Rescue? Pft. Mind control, baby… I’d have a harem. Nicole de Boer, Famke Janssen, Linda Park, Michelle Branch, and assorted other lovelies would be my … caretakers.

  5. Naff? I don’t speak British.

hhhmmmm…well attempting to take control of an entire grid of F1 cars during the race might be fun :smiley:

Dunno actually…rescuing Arnold Schwarzneger could be fun in an ironic kind of way… :smiley:

a) The generalised powers option. It’s an easy power to use without people freaking out all the time. And Batman is cool. And it’s easy to make a living selling gadget patents.

b) Mercenary. Maybe pickup a security contract somewhere.

c) Mostly good.

d) Jennifer Gardner. Errr… I’d rather skip over the details.

e) The ability to summon a cup of hot Earl-Grey tea on command. Call him Replicator Man, or something.

a) I’d take the no-powers, just stealthy and witty and stuff.

b) I’m not very witty, and I want to be, and although flight would be cool, I could always charm another superhero into letting me hitch a ride with them. I would schmooze everyone.

c) I’d be basically good, but maybe every once in a while I’d have a little fun with my (non)powers.

d) I’d like to save Russell Crowe from being mugged (I’m strong and agile) and then he’d invite me back to his place to thank me, and we’d make mad passionate love all night long (I’m agile, remember?)

e) I don’t know what naff is, but I think an X-man (or woman) should have the ability to bed any person they want.

naff - pathetic, crap, cheap, useless.

oh well then in that case (most people wouldn’t see bedding everyone you wanted as useless) then I think s/he should have the ability to communicate with cheese.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: You get the idea!

a) If I was good: flight. If I was evil: mind control.

b) If I was good I’d have a moral problem with mind control, and flying is cool; if I was evil mind control would be a great way to get people to do my bidding.

c) See above.

d) Meh, any would be fine. Naturally if I was evil I wouldn’t save anyone unless they could be used in my master plan.

e) Orgasmo?

(A) and (B): For fun, I’d pick flight. For personal gain, I’d pick mind control.
(Although whatever power I ended up with, I’d LOOK for a way
to use it for personal gain!)

©: I’m more of a random, unpredictable factor. Generally a nice guy, but morally ambiguous.

(D): I can’t think of any celebrities I’m particularly interested in. I’d save anyone, if it was convenient or seemed likely to benefit me in some way… or looked like it might be fun.

(E): Crummy mutations, huh?

       Overload:   the mutant whose senses are so acute that he's constantly
                          bombarded with far more input than his mind can handle.
                          Has to be kept in a drug-induced coma most of the time.

       Null:   has the power to suppress the powers of any other mutant within a
                 few feet of him.    Theoretically, could have sex with Rogue...
                 but, sadly, is totally gay!

       Ghost:   Can pass through all matter.   In fact, fell into the Earth years
                     ago and suffocated on his way to the core.
                     (The name is doubly appropriate, you see!)

       Smash:   Has telekinesis so powerful that he can shatter mountains.
                      In fact, he's so powerful that the LEAST force he can exert is
                      well over 500 tons.   Thus, pretty much can't do anything
                      other than large-scale demolition.

       Lifespan:   Cannot die or be killed by any means.   Was born in
                         the year 1056 BC, and is now so incredibly shriveled and
                         wracked by arthritis, Alzheimer's, and countless other 
                         age-related degenerative problems that his life would be
                         purest torture... if he was aware enough to notice.

Make mine super strength, please. I don’t know why, I just think strength is cool. I consider it the basis of superness.

Of the ones you mentioned, I would have Mind Control.

But just to make it challenging, lets change it to Telepathy. I would be able to read someone’s mind completely if given enough time, and hear peoples thoughts at will.

I would probably just hire myself out to governements as an intelligence gatherer.
As for the X-men character, a mutant with kinetic and telepathic powers. But for originality lets have his kinetic powers only affect him and his immediate surroundings, he can’t levitate cars but he can make himslef super strong and super fast, he can make himslef invisible, make himslef and the air around him cold or hot, maybe fly. He can only use one manifestation at a time though.
Think of a cross between Diablo II’s Paladin and Assassin.

a) Either Flight, or Mind Control.

b) Profit. With flight, I’d just use it to become a celebrity. With mind control, as a way of gathering information/influencing others to benefit myself.

Though, come to think of it, I’d probably try to use mind control to destroy people I didn’t like. Like making all the guilty people at San Quentin, Charles Manson included, spontaniously commit suicide in the most gruesome method available. Or make O.J. hold a press conferance, confess to murder, then commit suicide with a highway flare. (“If” he’s guilty, of course.) Or do the above to all of to Al Qaeda.

So, pretty much, “Making assholes kill themselves.”

I might use mind control for constructive ends, too. Like making the Senate legalize gay marriage, or forcing all software companies to release their games for the Mac. Or get my favorite canceled TV shows un-canceled. Or maybe get my screenplay published.

Yeah, I think I’ll go with mind control.

C) Depends on your point of view. I’d say either “Ruthless, pragmatic Good,” or “Calm, honorable Evil.”

D) I wouldn’t use my powers to force a woman to like me…I’d feel horrible about it. And I probably wouldn’t have enough in common with most celebrities for them to like me of their own accord. So, I’ll have to settle for being a platonic “hero” to someone who admires my actions. (Yeeeah, that’ll happen.)

Well, maybe Christina Ricci. She seems bright.

E) Dropping out of sensory “phase.” Similar to clouding minds, like The Shadow. Better than true invisibility, people just wouldn’t “notice” you. You could push them over, and they’d think that they’d just tripped; you could ask someone a question, and they’ll answer, but they won’t even remember talking to anyone; Your footsteps would be inaudible to live listeners; etc. Very good for spying (or assassinating.)

a. Mind Control.

b. It’s like having all the other powers in one. You don’t need to use your invisibility power to sneak inside the girl’s locker room if you can use your mind to convince those girls that they should ignore you and continue their lesbian orgy like you aren’t there (and if they wouldn’t normally be doing a lesbian orgy, your mind control powers can make them think it’s a good idea!). And yes, this is probably the first thing I would do with my power.

I would also convince the executives at FOX to immediately uncancel Futurama.

c. I would do whatever benefits me. In some cases, that’s good. In others, it’s bad.

d. Billy West. Because I would’ve uncancled Futurama, so I could give him my show ideas which he could pass on to the appropriate people.

Although I wouldn’t mind doing seaworthy’s sceneario, only with this particularly cute girl I know in the place of Russel Crowe.

e. Potbelly- can get very, very, very fat, very quickly.

Penman- can turn into a Sharpie ™ brand pen. Has no other superpowers.

Sonic- can travel faster than the speed of sound. Unfortunately, he also turns into a blue hedgehog as a side effect, and can’t return to his human form. Since hedgehogs don’t have human intelligence, Sonic has essentially suffered the equivalent of a brain-debilitating stroke.

Tempetron- Can travel through time. However, if he travels backwards through time, he and his past self explode as time and anti-time intersect. And if he travels forwards through time, a temporal void appears causing a quantum explosion in his body.

Mind- has incredible physical strength. However, the gene for this also causes a rare blood protein defincey known as acute glandular hemocytosis. Mind isn’t expected to reach age 20, and is bedridden, hooked up to a variety of machines necessary to keep him alive.

Calculon- can do complex math problems in his head

XXX-Man- can shoot beams out of his eyes which turn ordinary VHS tapes into hardcore porn. XXX-Man never uses his powers because he is a very religious Southern Baptist right-wing fundamentalist preacher.

I’d really like to be able to fly, because that would solve all of my impending and current transportation problems. If I can fly, do I get really stylish wings too :D?

No fighting crime, just doing household chores. I don’t think flying by itself would be very helpful anyway.

Not a celebrity, just a girl I like…

Zippo-possesses the ability to create lighters out of thin air. Unfortunately, they’re steam-powered…
Plasma-has no platelets or red blood cells. Plasma died fairly early on in the womb.
Sperfurr-can instantly vaporize squirrels.
Meep-is able to run at supersonic speeds, as well as over ravines, cliffs, and water. However, she is only ever able to say “Me-meep!”

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