Support our troops.

Letter from Iraq.

It is no secret that I do not support this war, but this letter takes no sides. It’s just a funny and touching recounting of life in the war zone. Everyone should read it. Read it and send your love to our fighting men.

My favorite bits are Best Chuck Norris Moment and Most Surreal Moment.

I read that the other day. I found it interesting that he singled out O’Reilly as being the most clueless about what goes on over there, despite his crowing about having “been there”.

I was going to post that, but you beat me to it. I thought it was very well written.

I also find that a little odd. I don’t watch his show but I have heard him speaking against the war. He said he was all for it until he found out there were no WMDs. Though to put him near the top of any list which is about the most clueless in any category can’t be too far off.

I liked this, from the end of the letter, “If you want to do something for me, kiss a cop, flush a toilet, and drink a beer.”

I don’t know any cops, but I can do the others!