Supreme Court Declines To Consider Trans Bathroom Case

Which means the earlier ruling saying it was unlawful to prevent a student from using the bathroom of their preferred gender stands.

So, AIUI, that ruling now has legal force in the 4th Federal Circuit (the Carolinas, the Virginias and Maryland). Is that right?

What implications does this have for other districts? Are there other similar cases pending in other circuits?

My feeling is taking it on and making it federal would have been better, but with the current court, this is nonetheless a good outcome.

I agree that a federal rule would be better.

I honestly don’t understand these bathroom laws. Do they want this guy in the ladies’ room?

Should she go to the men’s room?

I believe you’re right about the legal range, but I imagine other appeals court may see this case and use it as guidance at least. I think there are anti-trans bills all over the place right now, but I don’t know how many take on bathrooms.

“He”, Gavin is male and uses he/him.

Ritter wasn’t talking about Gavin Grimm there. The link in the word she goes to Laverne Cox’s Wikipedia page.

Aah, I didn’t see the links at all, until people started following them and that grey number appeared. My apologies, @RitterSport.

No problem! One of these days, someone should create a list of slides without names and let people choose which bathroom the people should go to. It should be a mix of trans- and cis-men and women. I’d love to see how the representatives passing these laws do.

But, that is a hijack from this thread. I had just read the op-ed from Thomas Page McGee in the NYT and was looking for a good place to post his picture, since I really don’t think the transphobic would want him going to ladies’ room.

As to your questions in the OP, hopefully a lawyer will be along shortly!

Sure. Why not exactly?

I think we need to completely move away from gendered bathrooms. Have a bunch of stalls for anyone to use and some shared hand washing facilities. If we absolutely must have a urinal, then surely it should be able to be used by anyone with the appropriate equipment?

Well, I agree with you, of course. The people who write those bathroom laws would have the guy in the first link go to the ladies’ room and the woman in the second link go to the men’s room, because that’s what’s on their birth certificate.

It may be that in their peabrains, the perpetrators of these laws think that not being able to go to the desired facilities will discourage those contemplating defiling the Temple of the Holy Spirit which God gave them gender reassignment.

The reason I have always heard is that it makes it easier for predatory men to have access to women and children. So the issue is with CIS men, not trans men and trans women.

nice one @Ranch_Dip

I am totally going to appropriate that.