@#!$ surch funktion

I’m trying to search for the thread about making good coffee.
Search: make good coffee
> stalls: timeout. Wait 300 seconds and try again
Search: make good coffee
> database error. Wait 300 seconds and try again
Search: make good coffee
>Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted. 300 seconds down the drain
Search: good coffee
>hangs again on “do process”
While I’m doing this, I notice on Yahoo that Jacques Piccard has died, an SDMB day of mourning if there ever were one, but can I search for any threads about it? Not for 300 seconds I can’t, even if it worked.

Honestly guys, charge me $15 bucks or whatever, but can we get a search function that isn’t a useless piece of crap.

Ya, it is a little overboard. Is 5 fucking minutes really necessary?

Today I spoke to a colleague at work who was fuming and ready to leave his job because a web page required three refresh attempts before it worked.

Just curious. Is there a particular post you’re looking for? Is there a reason that you don’t just do a google search for making good coffee? I’d think it would be much easier. . . and faster. If you’re looking for something specific, it might be easier to look for words that are less common. Making, good and coffee are pretty common.

Anyone know how to make good coffee?

Search of Cafe Society for thread titles (any date) that contain the word coffee.
elapsed time, about 10 seconds.

Five minutes between searches is still a PITA.

Five minutes between searches sucks balls.

I hate it when I accidentally double-click on the “New Posts” link. It’s a search, of course- but you get that “you must wait 300 seconds” notice, and the actual search results never got loaded… so you’ve got to wait another five minutes before the button will work again.

Looks like Google is indexing the board now, add site:straightdope.com to the search and Bob’s your uncle. I cannot say if it’s all indexed of course.

It might not like one of the words for which you are searching for. For example, it does not like the word: World

For some unknown reason this is one of the funnest things I’ve heard all day.

Yup, Yup, and Yup, yet important to the thread. The title is actually ‘Anybody know how to make good coffee?’ It wasn’t an issue of imprecise or abundant results, it was no results and a long wait before I could try again.

I was looking for Chefguys’ cold water ‘n’ coffee method, as well as any other technical tips before I shelled out for a better grinder. I also looked on Google, emailed Alistair at the Elysian Room, and spoke with a number of of other coffee nobs. I also wished to check the Dope. Only the Dope was a problem.

Tried this after I coincidentally found a thread referring to this method. I say coincidentally, because there is no way I could have found it by searching at the time I was searching - I tried after I’d found it to see. Google plus the site index didn’t come up with the thread in question. Appreciate the thought.

Plus- why should we have to use Google to search a site that has it’s own search function?

Thanks. I found it after I fumed off and came back an hour later, and the search function had healed itself. I appreciate your efforts on my behalf.

Well, there’s two schools of thought here I can see. On one hand, why duplicate indexing work that Google has already done, and does quite expertly? On the other, I suppose the Google index will never be as up-to-date as a local search function (and that’s a real dealbreaker IMO).

IIRC there was talk of Jerry looking into a 3rd party search tool for vBulletin, so maybe that’ll pan out.