Sure, go ahead, borrow my computer without telling me reports that Kazaa file-swappers were unwittingly downloading software that could turn their computers into part of a new network. Apparently, when you downloaded the file-swapping software, it also installed software that

Now, I’m not a user of file-swapping software, so I’m personally unaffected by this. BUt it does seem rather arrogant of them to sneak peer-to-peer remote-controlled software on to your system, even if they later ask you for permission to activate it.

  • Rick

Did anyone else assume this was going to be a rant about inconsiderate room-mates?

It’s pretty well known in the IT industry. If you want to hack out all the spyware, check this link out:

I followed their instructions, but now my Kazaa doesn’t quite work. It downloads files and at the end of the download it fails.