Sure my husband would prefer that I bear his child, but...

…I am sure he would have no problem if I have to bear the son of God. :rolleyes:

My husband and I are trying to have children. Despite the doctors saying we couldn’t be any healthier (well maybe if we loose 7 kg or so) we just don’t get pregnant. It can be frustrating. I just found a solution

What were these women thinking?! :confused:

Do you think that eveyone believed Mary when she told people she was carrying the Messiah?

Wait a minute, which god? This sounds like Zeus has been up to his old tricks again.

“13 miracle babies over the past three years?” She’s popping out a demigod every three months?

Do these kids have these really spooky eyes, and stuff?

MG, there are religious people out there who say and believe some irrational stuff. The consequences of you getting upset and/or trying to argue about it are going to be:

1/ your blood pressure is going to suffer, and

2/ The hamsters are going to run out of :rolleyes: 's

2/ umm, that’s it actually.

Or just one big litter of demigods.

Actually I *don’t * have a problem with that. The thing is that these women go to Africa, go back to England with a kid or thirteen and claim that there were ‘miracle kids’. There is no way that they were fooled into thinking it was a miracle, they must know what really happens. And that is why the authorities consider this a case of trafficking.

Are these women so desperate that they would resort to something completely illegal and then think they can fool anyone into believing that these children are trully sons and daughters of Jesus? I mean the children should at least have some traces of mom’s DNA, right?

If all turns out to be true, in 33 years we’ll need a lot of trees.

But, on the bright side, we can look forward to leprosy being pretty much wiped out.

Impregnating innocent women? 13 children? Sounds more diabolical than godly to me. Quick test to make sure - if you piss one of the kids off, do you hear that tune from Carmina Burana swelling in the background?

Put a brick wall around that thought, man.

3/ Hi, Opal!

Sorry. I’ve never had a chance to use it in the original context before.

No, but their voices echo like they’re speaking in a large airplane hangar.

Any deity comes sniffin’ around my back porch and he’s going to get an earful for

(1) Existing in my vicinity despite my fervent disbelief in anthropomorphic deities,
(2) Being on my property, and
(3) Ogling my fiancée against her wishes.

If it turns out that Brad Pitt actually is a demigod, and he’s the one who shows up, well then okay, maybe we’ll have a threesome. But only if he’s really polite or naked or hot.

[Sam Kinneson as Joseph]
OK Mary, you say he’s the son of God, so I’ll believe you. But he’d better be the *ONLY * son of God!
[/Sam Kinneson as Joseph]

“Hey Joseph! How’s the son of God today? : Har Har Har :”
feckin miracle babies…what next?

I always fall for the runt demigod. That helpless omnipotence gets me every time.

They are probably thinking they desperately want a baby, and they are “saving” some baby from growing up poor in Africa or suffering from exposure. People who want things badly enough will convince themselves far worse things are true.
I am *so * not saying this was a good thing to do.

You underestimate the human capacity for self deception. I heard an interview with one of these women. After he told her she was going to have a baby she developed an hysterical pregnancy. Period stopped, puffed up. Wouldn’t believe the doctors who said the tests were negative. Then they took her to a bad part of town, put her under and woke her up and gave her “her” baby. She seemed genuinly deluded.

Of course you could argue she was just saying that. But I think she was in real honest to god denial. I don’t know if that makes it better or worse :(.

Enough to know the “Archbishop” knows what he’s doing. And it is trafficking. Bastards.

Or a gaggle of gods!

THirteen children? That’s a baker’s dozen!