Surface Washable Only

Um…what the hell does this mean?

I’ve got a little girl crying because her favorite elephant has Coke on it. One baby Gund with Coke on it which says “Surface Washable Only”.

How do I wash the surface of something only? Does someone have a favorite technique?

Please answer quickly as my little niece is very upset. Thanks!

I’m a veteran of this situation and have tried various techniques. What they mean is don’t completely submerge the toy or put it in the washer. The main problem is soaking the stuffing, which can get clumpy or damaging unwashable parts (e.g. suede collars, etc.) Other than that you get get it pretty wet. Try sponging on shampoo or Woolite, and then rinsing the same way.

I have resorted to putting favorite toys in the washer and dryer, with some fluffy towels for cushioning, if they got thrown up on or something. They usually come out okay, although the fur is never quite the same.

I knew someone would come through for me. Thanks, cher3. Going to go try it right now.