Surfing with glasses?

I wear contact lenses on a day to day level, and glasses in the evening. I swim everyday with my contacts in but have to wear goggles otherwise they just wash out.

I have always wanted to learn how to surf. However everyone I talk to doesnt seem to know what surfers who are shortsighted like me do. I couldnt surf without contact lenses because I would literally be blind and wouldnt be able to see anything, and I think i’d look like a nerd if I surfed with goggles on!

Luckily this won’t be a problem for me for much longer-Im having eye laser surgery in two weeks. However, does anyone out there know what surfers who wear glasses do?Do they just go without and surf seeing a blur?

I knew someone who wore glasses at all times except for when he surfed. I assume his vision was bad enough for him to constantly be wearing glasses, but I never asked him what he saw when he was out surfing.

I’ve worn contacts(soft) for over 2 decades now. I’ve never had the problem of them “washing out” when swimming either in pools or the ocean.
While I’ve never surfed I did boogie board for a couple years when I lived off the beach in FL and always wore my contacts and never lost one.

They could buy prescription goggles of some kind.

But I have no idea how many surfers actually use them.

wow you are very lucky-any splash of water over my eyes and mine come out, or at least fall to the back of my eye!

I used to boogie board with my contact lenses in - again never lost one. But that was when I had gas permeables - with soft lenses they don’t float out in water but I can’t see a thing for the next 20 minutes :eek:

I surfed Kuta beach about 3 weeks ago with my soft contacts in. I was concerned about losing them before I got in the water, then I had to straighten one of them after getting hit in the face by a wave, but no real problems.

You could try swim goggles, as long as you can see the waves coming behind you and any other surfers on the same wave as you, you should be OK.

If you are having the surgery in two weeks, just be patient. :slight_smile: I have body surfed with my contacts in for years, and never lost one. Sorry yours seem to be so loosey-goosey.

You will not regret the surgery- I am 100% pleased with my results, after two years. I could see 20-20 immediately upon sitting up in the surgical suite! :cool:

Ever hear of Chums?

When I was surfing Little Rincon and County Line back in the late sixties I would just leave my glasses on the beach and hang with my friends who would kind of help me out and tell me when to start paddling or I would watch the other surfers around me and cue off of them. Eventually, I was able to see enough through the blur and get a sense of the rhythm of the waves and pretty much kick off on my own.

A good wipeout, I think, would have wiped out contact lenses, if I’d been wearing any.

I’ve surfed for years with ‘daily wear’, that is, replace daily, soft contact lenses. On occasion one will wash out, and I surf with one eye that can see the incoming swells, but that’s pretty rare.

Several times I’ve had a contact wash out, and found it on my cheek. In that case I’ve stuck it in my mouth and then put it back in when I’m back out in the lineup, which takes a bit of balance.

Now the only reason I have contacts is for surfing. Otherwise I were spectacles.