Suriname (Surinam) any dopers there or been there?

My husband is being considered for a job there. Anyone been there? Any information that isn’t on wiki would be appreciated :cool:

There is a great book that I couldn’t tell you the name of (something about reeds?) that was written by a guy who went to Suriname and hung out in the backwoods with a lot of Peace Corps volunteers.

Try Andrew Westoll’s book* The Riverbones *as well as his online materials.

That’s what I meant! Great book.

I remember reading somewhere that Suriname is the most heavily forested country in the world. So you wouldn’t even need to go all the way to the backwoods; you could hang out in the frontwoods or the middlewoods just fine. :cool:

The security guard where I used to work was from there. Oddly, I just had the mind to post this question myself yesterday–I don’t even know why–but didn’t!

I had two girlfriends from there, in the 80s. From what they said, it agrees with Tom Tildrum’s description, a kind of mix of urban and jungle. Go to the main business district, with all the beautiful shops and government buildings, step aside about 50 feet, you are in jungle blow-gun territory. (little joke about the blow-gun).

The language seems to be English and Dutch. I can’t really say too much else; when we were going together, when we spoke about national differences, one of them was lecturing me on how Reagan was the AntiChrist, and Suriname was a million times better than America, and the other one was so desperate for a husband that she would always change the subject.

Youtube has a few videos on it about Suriname. My gf’s and their families’ ethnicity was more Asian (appearing) than African, although the videos show primarily black people.

Recent Slate article on Surinam.