Surprised Kitty video

Two questions-

WHERE did this video originate from? I want to ask them the second question.

IS the kitty mimicking you or are you mimicking the kitty?

That is one adorable & smart kitty- he has them trained well.

The kitty is responding to the rapid movement by readying his claws. And it’s cuuuuuttee!!

Yeah, I saw that a few days ago on Cute Overload. That’s weapons-grade cute.

That is adorable and I believe it’s a mutual training thing. I have seen many kittens play like this I think the people managed to figure out how to make it look like they trained him to do it.

It’s very cute, but nothing beats kitties on Roombas

The paws up surprised look is a pretty common pose for kittens at play. It’s actually saying something like, “Hah! Now all my claws are pointed at you! Resume our battle!”

Adult cats wouldn’t do this in a real fight. In fact, belly up means submission.

Love the kitten’s white paws though. They look like the white gloves on cartoon characters.

As Calvin once observed, tigers (and other cats) are pointy on five of their six ends.

In my observation, most cats flip onto their backs as the aggressor. As in, “I’m gonna rip out your guts with my powerful back feet.” Even if the victim is a rolled-up sock.

Yeah, that’s more of a submissive pose for dogs. Cats don’t actually have a submissive pose.

Actually, the belly roll is the closest that cats have to a submissive pose. Cats often do it as a friendly greeting. An aggressive cat is that arched back sideways crab walk with ears turned almost 180 degrees so that the ear backs face frontways. A loser in a cat fight will either run off, or lay curled with head hunched and ears flat. It means, “Okay man, I don’t wanna fight no more.” The victorious cat will then vigorously sniff the ground. All this takes seconds, and often not at all, since most cats will simply pose aggressively and yowl horribly until either one backs down and no blows are even exchanged.

I was actually attempting humor.

Still I don’t trust the roll over on the back “pet my belly” pose, submissive or not. I think it’s a trick.

I’ll always remember the day we brought a kitten home and our tomcat sniffed at her curiously. With a loud wunk! she flipped over in approximately three nanoseconds, hitting her spine on the hardwood floor and had all four paws out to counterattack.

Entirely too damn cute.

Here is a video with an aggressive cat and a submissive cat.

That was actually kinda creepy.

I can’t stop watching the cute kitten video. It is so adorable. I’m not usually into cloyingly cute stuff, but this one just captivates me.

For some reason this comment is making me laugh -

Hah. That sounds like…a cat. I’ll have to try it with my two cats - one doesn’t like being on her back but doesn’t bite and claw, the other doesn’t mind being on her back, but she always bites and claws. We’ll see how it goes.

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Maybe I’m missing something but this is relevant to this thread in what way exactly?

Forget it, Jake, it’s Youtube comments.