Surveillance cameras in rest rooms

My Q is in the subject itself.
I work in a huge building complex. the security arrangements are pretty impressive. And then the above thought occured to me, and I searched a bit. I couldnt find any. My questionis it legal to have surveillance in rest rooms?

That all depends. Some states allow for cameras to be placed anywhere on the property of the owner. For example, in Washington state, a camera can be placed anywhere for “theft protection purposes” as long as it doesn’t include sound. This includes changing rooms, bathrooms, etc.

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There was a local case (Rochester, NY) in a marina where the surveillance tapes from the women’s changing room were kept around for entertainment purposes. The tapes were impounded, but to the chagrin of the prosecutors it turned out that no laws were violated – they knew they wanted to charge him with SOMETHING!

However, there was a civil law suit from at least one of the unwitting filmstars, so I think it would have been cheaper and more explicit to rent finished tapes from one of the establishments that specializes in that sort of entertainment.


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If the restrooms in question were public restrooms, then no, you can’t. But restrooms in privately owned office buildings are not considered public. If I were the landlord and I wanted to put cameras in the restrooms, I’d post “Not open to the public” signs.

Sure you can video but you can’t do the audio part. This is the USA, is that what you are talking about? Might vary by state. What state?

Plus, im sure they have to post somewhere that they are using cameras.

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But back on topic, I remember seeing a TV expose (paragons of journalistic integrity, every one) about a hotel that put TV cameras behind its bedroom mirrors. Apparently, they convicted the owner, but only could because he recorded the sound as well as the video. There was a law against audio recordings in that case, but none against video recordings. There’s another case where the law hadn’t quite caught up with the technology.

Then again, it was a while ago, so my memory is kinda sketchy.

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A few years back, the Galleria (a large shopping mall here in town) had signs in the men’s rest rooms advising that they were under video surveillance - I don’t know if it’s still the case.

Also, sort of barely on thread, a couple of years ago it was reported in the news that police had arrested a man who had rigged up a camera hidden in whatever he was dragging around on a luggage cart so he could snap photos looking up women’s skirts. While not very polite behavior, I still wonder what law might’ve applied in that case. A guy got detained sometime in the last year when it was discovered that the boombox he was carrying around at the beach was hollowed out and contained a camera full of shots of bikini clad women - in that news story it was mentioned that police released him because there just was not any law against taking pictures that way.

Anyway, struggling to get back on thread, does anybody remember Chuck Berry getting nailed a few years back for rigging up some hidden cameras in his home bathroom and snapping the guests?


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