Survivor April 6 2011 "This Game Respects Big Moves"

Sorry, you’re right, Rob mumbles.

Yeah, Matt is laying it on a little thick. I almost expected them to animate little rays of light coming from his face as he preached unto his flock of sheep(le).

I like how Andrea went from crying over Matt to realizing just how much he sucks at this game.

These amateurs have to learn how to keep their mouths shut.

Shit, I already deleted the program, and it just struck me that i don’t know who Matt and his girlfriend wound up voting for. Would someone be so kind as to let me know?

Matt voted for Steve, Andrea voted for Matt.

Oooh that must have hurt.


And thanks.

What a bunch of goons!

Matt is really getting on my nerves. I hope he gets eaten by a crocodile next episode.

That’s who Rob said they were going to vote for (because they figured Ralph would use the idol for Mike).

What was it Matt said near the end? Something like “I guess I’m not good at playing this game”?

So he was right about one thing.

My DVR flaked, so all I saw was the last 15 minutes of the show.

What’s a Murlonio?

Wasn’t the person who returned from RI supposed to have all this power in the game? I swear there’s been folks in these SD threads who’ve said something to that effect. Matt seemed thoroughly sidelined. But maybe that’s just Matt.

When did they show who voted for whom? At the end I saw “previews from next week’s survivor”, followed by Matt philosophizing about getting voted off by God’s Will. No vote montage. And since the DVR flaked, I can’t go back and look.

It’s Amber’s teddy bear. Rob claimed it was Spanish for something like “From the sea.”

And they didn’t show the votes (I don’t think they have been this season. Yet another reason I don’t like Redemption Island). But it’s pretty fair to assume the votes fell along tribal lines with Matt the odd man out voting for Steve.

Actually, I’d swear I’ve seen the votes on a couple episodes, when the next RI schlub is giving his/hers “well, I guess I’m off to RI, I’ll try not to fuck up and maybe I can get back in the game” speech. But maybe a couple of times, not always. Did I imagine this?

Matt is really stupid for being loyal to the tribe that voted him off. Yes, Jesus forgave Judas for betraying him, but he try and be his BFF again. How many clues do you need that you’re low man on the totem pole, other than being voted off and then subsequently shunned from your first tribe?

I’m sure the producers were stunned that Matt remained loyal to his old tribe. Surely they created it with the intention that the returning player would come back with a big old chip on his shoulder.

I thought it was really cruel for Rob to target Matt right away. He’s been isolated for most of the game, and now he’s sent back. It was one of the few times that I found Rob to be unlikeable this season.

Speaking of Andrea, once Matt threw her under the bus with Rob, she should have switched her vote to Grant. Rob is going to target her next now, and why shouldn’t he?

Zapatera was smart for targeting Grant. Too bad they didn’t have the numbers to pull it off. Though I might have shed a little tear when he left.

I didn’t even know Natalie was on the show until she won. Talk about flying under the radar.

I despise Ashley. She is lazy and bitchy. “The reason we slept under the tarp is because WE won it.” Way to play the social game, Ashley!

BTW, when I went online to find Ashley’s name, I noticed that 10 of the 16 tribemates is from California. I think that explains why this season has so much more eye candy yet is so much less interesting than other seasons. The producers really should quit being so lazy in finding contestants.

“Yo, Probst! Yell out the window for a cattle call for the next season.”
“Sure thing, Mark.”

It’s just Matt. He actually did have a ton of power. He was poised to form a potentially powerful alliance and turn the tide against Rob, who’s been two steps ahead of everybody so far. So yeah, he had the power to make the biggest move of the season… And he wussed out.

I kept rooting for Matt on RI. Then I was rooting for him to make a difference when he got back in the game. So I was really disappointed by his lack of stones. Getting voted out again was “God’s will,” huh? God willed you to be a pussy?

Pagong time now.

There’s always potential in Phillip and Andrea.

Loved the look on Ralph’s face as he strolled up to Jeff at TC and presented the HII, saying Jeff, I choose to play this for… then turned and pointed to Mike. Rob smiled.

Jeff, after sending Matt back to the ghetto - “If he comes back from RI, he’s going to be pissed.”

It’s 6 strong, united votes to 5 confused votes. It all depends when Matt comes back but it’s looking good for Rob’s team.

And Phillip. One more lecture on Bushido from this dope…just one more…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I saw this just the opposite: Matt has no idea how to play this game, demonstrated by his telling Rob “I was going to go against you but then I changed my mind”… being known as a “floater” or “waffler” is the most dangerous moniker one can have on Survivor… Rob saw this weakness and had the numbers to cut the least trustworthy/uncontrollable person out of the 12, and made his move…

I imagine there is a ton of footage we do not see, and that Andrea told Rob she had/wanted no part in Matt’s betrayal… the fact that she voted Matt out speaks volumes.

Just saw this footage of Andrea being interviewed…

If he gives enough of them, maybe he’ll eventually pronounce it right.

If Matt comes back.
But I really don’t think he will. He’s beaten an overconfident Russell and a parade of weak girls. Now he’ll have to face the likes of Mike, Steve, Ralph, and/or Dave. Even Julie will give him a better fight than he’s had before. I don’t think he’s got it in him to come back again.