Survivor April 6 2011 "This Game Respects Big Moves"

Now go do
that bishoodoo
that you do
so well?

If he doesn’t come back, he can take comfort in the fact that it was God’s will, and therefore not his fault he was such a schmuck.

God only gave him the ability to out-last and out-play on RI, but not in the actual game… However, Matt appears to have been short-changed in the out-witting department…

Most Californians are born knowing some rudimentary level of Spanish, and would know that “from the sea” would sound a lot more like “del mar” than “macaroon”, or whatever the hell Rob came up with.

So they found a pack of particularly stupid Californians.

Thank you. I thought I was the only one who gritted my teeth every time he did that.

During the days of the karate/kung fu popularity in the seventies one of the people I knew who was actually studying karate used to comment on all the wannabe’s knowledge of bullshito. Pronounced very close to the way Philip does.

I thought that too, but I think David’s gonna jump ship as soon as he can. Even though he has no bargaining position I think he’s going to sell out his team for a spot on Rob’s and it’s gonna backfire.
He may be skipping to the end of the pagonging; Be the last Zap standing and watch the others’ eat themselves. And maybe win enough challenges to make it to the end.

I really enjoyed this episode. I think it highlighted quite a few Survivor rules, and the importance of awareness (both of yourself and others).

Matt was completely unaware that a group of people that had already voted him out would do so again. He honestly thought that they wouldn’t gun for him and that he was safe. He apparently didn’t even consider the response that admitting you were considering a switch would have (which tells me he’s never seriously watched the show).

Rob, on the other hand, realized the situation quite well, and once he got word from Andrea (which I’m sure he did, even if it wasn’t shown) that she wasn’t going anywhere he knew exactly how to maximize his advantage. The fact that they also got rid of an immunity idol was just gravy (although note that he was exactly right about who would it would be played for).

I still don’t think Rob can actually win this game, but he really is giving a master-class on how to do it.

Come on now. He’s got dry throat and usually take medication for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I too thought Matt would be more of a force after returning, but he couldn’t make a decision and was too open about it. For a minute, it looked like Matt hit on the best strategy - for him and Andrea to work together and to alternate between both alliances, keeping either one of them from being dominant. But I don’t think that was his thinking - he wanted to join one alliance. Rob did the absolute right thing by voting him out, and by doing it early it makes it more likely he loses a Redemption challenge.

I was hoping we were done with Redemption Island. It seems like it would mess up the jury process too much, so I think it’ll only be around for another episode or two.

Yeah, I’m sure how that’s gonna work out. It’s gonna be way too complicated.

Also, anyone else surprised that we never had a double elimination episode? With RI, and the return of RI, that basically gives us two episodes where no one went home. It’s now day 21 and we still have 12 out of 18 still in the game.

I’m betting they will do a double elim the week after RI is finished. Just to get nasty.

Between Philip’s deliciously dumb speech (where it was clear the producers were laughing at him), the stupidity of Merlonio as a team name and the fact that they voted Matt out again I really enjoyed this episode.

I was expecting a double elimination between tribes. It would’ve worked pretty good. The person kicked out from the winning tribe goes to RI, and the one from the losing tribe is out of the game. I’m pretty surprised they didn’t do that. Now that they’ve merged, I don’t know. Have they ever had a double elimination after the merge?

I seem to remember them doing it a couple times. I think once there was a twist where they voted someone out, and then immediately had to vote someone else out with no prep. But I may be misremembering/making that up.

Matt’s a nice enough guy for a moron but if he wins after being voted out twice it’ll be a travesty.

Young men have won Survivor largely because they were challenge monsters but they were forced to live among the tribe and engage in at least some strategic game play.

Matt is roughing it like everyone else but he gets to do it in peace and quiet without the constant alliance-shifting, back-stabbing paranoia of post-merge Survivor. It means he’s got an advantage in even the mental challenges - he doesn’t have to contend with all the strategy and high drama.

They have to bring the RI person back soon. Matt could keep winning duels and then stroll in at or shortly before the final Tribal Council - he has the potential to skip all the difficult parts of the game just because he’s an ath-a-lete.

An ath-a-lete fer GAWD!

Book of Job, Matt. Book of Job. :smiley:

Almost every season this strategy is available to a strong alliance of two, but no one has ever pursued it as far as I can recall. An alliance of two could just keep switching back and forth to keep either alliance from holding onto a majority…and to keep the votes of the two-person alliance crucial. I think you could ride that strategy a long way.

Until both sides catch on and vote you out. Being a swing vote is great, unless you get too wishy-washy, then you become the target.

But one of those sides will always be in the minority. And by voting you out they assure themselves of being Pagonged. That’s the beauty of the two-person-swing strategy. Your vote is always vital to the minority.

I think the remainder of this season hinges on when/if Grant realizes that Rob will not let him get to final tribal council. He (plus Andrea or Philip or Matt 3.0?) should eventually be able to make the same move that Matt 2.0 pussied out on this week.