Survivor April 6 2011 "This Game Respects Big Moves"

I guess I’m the only one around here who likes having Redemption Island. At least they are forced to show 2 challenges an episode; seems like they have been mostly combined immunity/reward for some time now which I find annoying.

I have a feeling they are continuing RI just to experiment with the idea. If they ever use it again I bet it’ll be either just pre-merge or just post-merge.

That’s very much a double edged sword even if I granted it was much of an advantage at all. Despite the high drama, you would still like to see how the alliances/strategies are shifting.

And that’s the worst part of Matt’s game: awful at reading alliances. But I think that’s why he’s on RI, not because he was on RI.

Matt on Redemption Island: God, why have you forsaken me. I’ve been a good Christian and done everything you asked.

God, what am I doing here?
God: Matt, I sent Mike to you who gave you a terrific offer of bringing you to the final three and a workable plan that would have advanced both of you.

Matt, what are you doing here?

I’m not sure if he’s bad at reading alliances so much as idiotically applying every day morals to a game of backstabbing.

“Gee, coach, I was going to score a goal there but then I realized it wouldn’t have been honest to deek left when I was really going to shoot right. I know it’s just a game but I couldn’t in good conscience lie to their goalie like that”

And Rob interpreted the fact that Matt was spilling everything he knew as proof of his deviousness. I don’t think Matt has a devious bone in his body.

I was going to post something just like this. All I could think of is the joke/story about a guy in a flood who keeps turing away offers of help from people saying, “The Lord will save me.” as he moves from the 1st to the 2nd floors, and then to the roof turing away people in boats and whatnot and when he ('natch) drowns and gets to the Gates, he asks why did you let me drown? God is like, “Dude, I sent you three boats!”

How genius would it have been if Zapatera used their idol on Matt and all voted for Rob? Not only would they have eliminated him, but they surely would have gained Matt’s confidence from then on after he saw how he’d been duped.

Sure if they had any idea that Rob would target Matt again. It never occured to them, you can see by David’s reaction that it never came up in their discussions of what Rob might do.

Grant’s lack of surprise does mean that Andrea went directly to Rob with the contents of the note however.

Yeah, I can’t believe that not one of those guys speaks enough Spanish to know Rob was bullshitting them. Murlonio? Sheesh!!

Some of players may knew Rob was BSing but CBS chose to edit it out.

Just because a tree falls in the forest does not mean it doesn’t make a sound.