Survivor April 6 2011 "This Game Respects Big Moves"

Spoilers after this post.

Redemption Island…begins again? Yeesh.


As soon as he said it I immediately thought, “That’s gotta be fake.”

So once again I missed the first 15 minutes. I tuned in to see Matt walking with the tribe, talking about winning. What’s the deal - I take it RI is still in effect? Any indication of when the winner of that re-enters (I’m guessing not)?

I hope Andrea brings Murlonio to the reunion show, all cleaned and fluffed up.

Anybody who saw the previews and wondered if Matt’s foot injury would make him lose a footrest challenge, you fail Television Editing forever.

Edit: Mike is getting more lines than every other episode combined. I fear for my handsome guy.

Oh, please let it be Matt. That would be hilarious.

Hilarious and brilliant.

You’ve got a 6 to 5 lead, voting out the wild-card is the best option. David seems to be the only Zapateren who realizes that.


So, is there another idol back in play now? I forget how it works post-merge.

Sorry Matt, it’s clear that God does not want you to win Survivor.


At this point, if Matt comes back and wins this thing, I think it will put me off Survivor pretty much for good.

I can’t understand why the Christian god would care a hoot about who won a silly human reality TV game show, and even if he did, why he would interfere with it to influence the results.

Yes, Ralph’s idol will now go back into play. Sigh. Idols bore me unless they’re being wielded by Parvati, too much fuss.

It’s not clear to me that the winner of the next RI duel comes back immediately, since it’ll extend the game a few more weeks than they’ve got.

I’m pretty dim and had trouble following what happened to Matt, but it seems to me Andrea was all over the place. When she got all mad at him yakking their whole plot to Rob, I thought she’d washed his hands of him, but later she seemed to drift back.

Yes, Matt, this game DOES respect big moves. But the thing is, you have to actually go through with them, not just think about them and then (OMG) TELL THE PERSON YOU WERE GOING TO GO AGAINST!

I think there may really be such a thing as too Christian to win Survivor.

As someone completely turned off by extremely vocal religiosity, I loved Matt’s dilemma. Vote for his old tribe - get voted out. Vote against his old tribe - break your promise to your god. Fantastic!

And of course, my brother called during tribal council. I hate not having a DVR!

So Ralph played the idol? For who?

Also - will there be one or two idols out there? Ralph’s will be re-hidden - but will there also be a post-merge HII?

Mike, the Iraq vet.

You know, this episode was like this entire season packed into one hour.
You’ve got:
Philip going on a long speech and acting like a mastermind but really just doing whatever Rob says.
Rob doing something funny and then voting someone off because of one small event.
David looking very frustrated with his tribe.
Ralph both pretending to be stupid and actually doing something stupid.
All the women outside of Andrea being in the background.
Zapatera seemingly dominating a challenge but still losing.
Matt sticking in the game despite all efforts to the contrary.

Should read AMBER not andrea, it’s Rob’s wife that has the Murlonio doll and it’s an inside joke for his wife.

I really hope my God (the Christian God) lets the people actually playing the game (like Rob) win. I think the whole christian angle is way too much, I can’t stomach all this bible thumping, let’s talk about God and why we love him so much TV. i really hope Matt goes soon. So we don’t have to endure more religious contestants anymore. Seriously if there were overt Muslims or Jews or whatever religion trying to keep their word I’d piss all over them too. THIS IS SURVIVOR, lie, steal, cheat whatever to get the million dollars. They really need to stop this being above the game bullshit. I hate contestants that think they know how to play and get used and abused. People like Rob who grow and adapt are the ones that are interesting.

I really hope Philip goes out soon too, but that’s prolly not gonna happen, he’s going to the end because no one wants him to win.