Survivor March 2 2011 "Keep Hope Alive"

Are they going to spend this much time every week on the duels? I mean, these people got voted out. Why are we having to watch a 5 or 6 minute duel now?

I guess it’s a neat idea, but it seems weird.

No way.

Russel Hantz is kicked to Redemption Island

I need a cigarette. Hee haw

If Russel can beat every player in duels and come back, my hat is off to him. Doubt it, though.

Oh, and if anyone saw those “spoilers” about the vote off order, it was wrong and you are not spoiled. It had a different boot this week.

Me, too.

Stephanie’s kind of scary, in that “If-Russell-told-me-to-I’d-murder-you-all-in-your-sleep” way. I half expect that I’d find an altar to Russell Hantz in her house…

Best part is Boston Rob finally realizes the power of HII. It’s not an afterthought to him. I love how he is always a student of the game, learning and adjusting his game when he plays, where as Russell is deluding himself constantly believing every thing he does is the true way of winning.

Some thing to ponder, how bitter are the RI guys gonna be when they come back into the game? Are they almost guaranteed to go against their former tribe? I would be so bitter, stewing in my juices as i live all by my lonesome seeking revenge and plotting their demise. I think when they re-enter the game is gonna be some good television.

Wow. Did I miss something along the way or did Janecompletely, um . . . I guess pwn is the current usage . . . Russel’s mini-alliance?She had them (and me) completely believing she was going along with them, right up to and including her little speech at Tribal Council. She just might be one to watch . . .

Great job by the editors this week. I was convinced the entire time things were going to blow up. Lying about who lost at Redemption Island had no upside at all - seems that guy (I hate the beginning of the season where we don’t know anyone’s names) was making it up just to make something up, and then the possible betrayal were all very convincing.

If I was Ralph, I think I’d have said I was voting for Stephanie when divying up votes, and switch to Russell, knowing full well they didn’t have the HII and avoid any issues of people switching sides. Once he was gone, he could explain why (or not). I just don’t think I could trust 5 other people to all get it right or not be tempted by the snake.


I told my wife when we watched it, “She’s just going to be remembered as ‘Russel’s Girlfriend’.”

Stephanie seemed more upset that Russell was voted out than Russell did.

What did she say at the end? A storm is coming? It looked like she was aiming her words at Julie. She should not be to upset because she gave the speech at tc about everyone getting stabbed in the back by people they ‘trust’. Did she think she was exempt from the knife?

I just don’t see the reason for throwing the challenge. Just keep winning as long as you can, and you’ll always have the numbers to vote Russel off when the time comes. He isn’t exactly a challenge monster.

I think the woman who they tried to sway made the right choice - even if you think Russel has magical powers, his group of three was weak, weak, weak.

I like the fact that Russell was so upset that “you shouldn’t do this this early in the game”, mainly because it was the perfect time to do it to get rid of Russell. Any later, and things open up a bit for him, especially if he managed to find an idol. A 3/3/3 tie is his worst case scenario.


I was so sure Julie was going to switch and vote for Ralph, right up until Jeff showed the vote, because they seemed to be taking an extra long time at Tribal. Kudos to the editors on that one!

I thought the same thing. Or that he should have just said “I am 100% sure Russell does not have the Immunity Idol, everyone vote for Russell” and cut out the possibility of Russell getting someone to flip. I know he didn’t want to reveal that he had the idol, but after last week he knew Russell would be coming after him, and should have expected Russell trying to vote him out.

Or perhaps it really all was just editing and they were all completely sure they’d stick to the plan and Julie never did seriously consider flipping.

Stephanie looks like someone who would literally stab you while you were sleeping. They should get rid of her at the next opportunity.

Things always change in the game. The longer Russell stays in the game the more possibility he’d have of getting someone else on his side. Or find the Immunity Idol (since the rest of the tribe doesn’t know Ralph has it.) Plus I can’t imagine it being pleasant just having him around the camp.

Oh, c’mon, who doesn’t like oozing armpits?

One thing that is really bad.

When they do lose on Redemption Island, their final dismissal from the game lacks the emotional punch of when they get voted off.

Imagine if Russel loses next week(or the next).

“You lose, Russel. Burn your buff.”

Oh, bye. We already saw him get voted off. Seems like it lacks emotional connection.

Regarding the duel, I was hoping they would leave the tribes in the dark completely regarding who is still out there. But I guess just two at a time isn’t too bad. I hope hope hope that Rob gets to go to the next and see Russell.

Regarding Russell, “Not burning socks” isn’t a change in a gameplan. He was playing the exact same game as before, he just wanted to win because he was a much bigger target. And I didn’t realize that his whole strategy revolved around the HII. Even if he had found it, than his biggest ally would be gone.

I was thinking the same thing. The duels really throw off the rhythm of the game. The show needs to end with Tribal Council, but it also needs to end with someone going home. When someone leaves at the beginning, it feels like the rest of the episode is pointless.

I hated him his first season. Arrogant prick with a Godfather complex. Now I like him.

Me too, since she seemed to waver in her ‘confessional’ shot. Roomie said she wasn’t fooled, and knew she’d stick with the plan.

Here’s what I wish would happen (it won’t but a guy can dream). Russell’s two girls should realize they are toast… 6 v 2 and no love lost. The next challenge one of them very subtly throws it. Just get tied up in the rope maze and cry about it. Go to redemption island and feed Russ grapes and let him win. The next one have the other gal throw it very obviously by taking the ball and running away while giving a Nelson “Ha-Ha” just to let them know you just screwed them by sending them into the merge down 6-8. Again, feed grapes to Russ and let him win and suddenly he comes back and makes it 6-9. Russ and Rob team up and pick them off one by one.

Can you tell I like Russell and Rob?