Survivor 11-19: "The Day Of Reckoning" [SPOILERS]

It’s over on the East coast, but I’ll spoiler this post.

Follow through…


Ding dong, the bitch is gone! Which old bitch? The bitchface bitch!


I LOVE watching an overconfident alliance get that gobsmacked look…

Plus, he found a third HII? A season to remember.

Seriously, how pathetic was it that the old Galu’s were following Russell around like they thought they could find it just from being in his general proximity?

I’m growing to seriously dislike DAVE BALL! Although I have to admit that his expression at the end was just delicious…

He found a third HII??? That’s what I get for heading to the kitchen for ice cream.

Yup. They got back from the reward picnic after getting the “verse” and video clue, and Russell and the rest of Foa Foa just took off to find the idol, while Galu was right behind them, following Russell around like he was a bloodhound and the idol was an escaped convict. Russell let them follow him around a while then made a break for it (that man is FAST for being a Superball with legs!), lost DAVE BALL and backtracked to where he thought it was and…dontcha know it? There it was!


I had to leave to go lock up the library … who was the swing vote the second time? And how was the exit interview?

Rocket scientist John switched over. Laura bragged that her only mistake was winning two immunities in a row and therefore proving herself to be a major threat.

I just realized the thread title should probably have “Spoilers” in it somewhere.

russell is worth cheering for, i knew i chose well even though everyone disliked him for being an ass. He’s playing the game. I will only get excited when Shambo gets voted out or even possibly Russell. Laura’s days were numbered, she was on the chopping block for 3weeks, third week finally got her when a fellow tribemate switched and she had no immunity for today. This was an awesome episode for the switcheroo.

Russell still has HII too, wonder who knows about it, I hope no one does. So when they try to vote him out next week or later, he’ll come out with HII and save himself yet again.

Go, Evil Russell! You’re still evil, but you deserve to win it all.

he’s not evil, he’s AWESOME, i doubt he can win it all though, people will be gunning for him soon since they all know his wily side as well as resourceful nature in finding HII’s

Thank you jayjay.

I’m always amazed when people who are voted off, think they are only voted off becuase they are the best player, ever!

Thanks, twickster!

Added it. (:smack: – I was so excited about the HII I didn’t process that it wasn’t there, just went ahead and posted.)

I was actually hoping that Russell would play the HII, just so he could find it again.

Russell’s the anti-James. James basically got handed two HII’s in China, and ended up leaving with both of them still in his bags. Russell FOUND THREE HII’s this season and has used them perfectly (arguably…the first use was unnecessary but Russ didn’t know that).

If the Galu 5 had voted for Russell instead of Natalie, and forced a 5-5- tie, I wonder if Russell could have played the HII on the re-vote?

I hereby renounce my previous hatred for Russell but only because he is the MOST AWESOMEST PLAYER IN THE HISTORY OF SURVIVOR! However, it does appear from the preview that he might be returning to his evil ways.

I thought they weren’t going to do the Purple Rock of Doom anymore.

i thought it was a varied version of the purple rock of doom. You stalemate vote a second time, the voters were gonna be Purple rock of doomed, and not the people voted for (Laura and Nat). Previously the Rock of doom was used on the people on the parchments. So this made it more of an incentive to swap your vote so you don’t get doomed by chance. It was wise of rocket scientist to change because that just meant he’ll have to hope that he’s not the 1/8 that gets doomed. Although he screwed his alliance, he did have a backdoor talk with Russell. He didn’t get doomed and set himself up to be the new swing vote foa needed and can somewhat hope to gain a bond.

I need more conniving Russell to get some drama and excitement into the game, not just his gift of finding HII to quench my thirst. More Russell plotting makes the game more interesting.

You know, Galu’s winning streak made them absolutely horrible at strategy. I loved John’s reaction when he learned that the master plan was to trick Foa Foa to vote for him.