Survivor March 9 2011 "Don't You Work For Me?"

New one tonight, folks. Russell is up for the axe tonight in the duel.

Russell has lost and is out of the game. He’s crying.

Phillip is so fucking nuts. Even when he’s right, it can’t possibly be for the right reasons.

oh my!!
That was a moment worth watching!!

I don’t think he is really a trained “lie detector”. He just did background checks for people applying to federal government positions. I guess that requires lie detecting, but it’s more of a research job than a agent job.


Russell crying was hilarious. He’s such a baby - if there was a ball involved, he’d have tried to take it home with him.

And on an even more magical level, yellow bikini girl is absolutely delightful.

Phillip just told his life story to avoid being voted out.

Can I just note that I really like Ralph, but that was freakin’ stupid?

Ralph is a fun guy, but a genius he ain’t. He didn’t reveal the idol when they were talking about splitting the vote, and then he reveals to both a six person alliance and the other team.

Hey! He received the second highest medal possible during peacetime! Have some respect!

Fun challenge, though it seemed custom built for Ralph. Chopping through wood with a hatchet is hard. He had the technique & the strength.

I thought Rob would be better at it. Wasn’t he a carpenter or something?

Yes, he was in construction, but there isn’t much call for chopping wood with a hatchet in modern carpentry. That’s what saws were invented for after all.

Yeah, I figured he would so the sawing portion, which is more about technique than brute force.

I still can’t figure out why Rob wanted to vote Matt out. Who cares if he congratulates the tribe on their win. The other team has 4 strong guys and now Robs team can’t match up with them.

I have a feeling Russell’s tears just guaranteed that he’ll get yet another chance to come back and play the next time they do an all-star season or another season like this one.

I look forward to him getting booted fast next time as well…

I think we have seen the last of Russell Hantz on Survivor. Actually, I wouldn’t even be surprised if he missed the reunion show.

Two good challenges in tonights episode.

For digging latrines? (‘Field sanitation’.)

There is only one word to describe Russell: ass. He’s not even man enough to stand up and admit that he got outplayed. He has to go on and on about how his teammates were such dummies for throwing the challenge. Hey, bonehead: yes, they threw the challenge. And by doing so they outplayed and outwitted YOU!.

Yay, Russell is gone. Twice!

Wow, the RI challenge’s aftermath went from pathos (Russell’s tears) to bizarre (Ralph’s “yo! I gots the idol, dipshit! …well, maybe I do and mebbe I dunt!”), to straight out into some other universe of strangeness when AFF? started spouting off. I left the room at that point, I just couldn’t take any further layers of insanity.

What the hell does Ralph think he’s doing, revealing his HII first to his (SIX PERSON) alliance, then the whole freaking show? What possesses someone to not be able to shut the fuck up when they have an idol?

You know what I miss? The Final Confessional. When someone is Going Home and they get a last chance to be either a vengeful, bitter person (I’m thinking about Amazon’s Christy Smith here) or magnanimous, or usually a mumbley version that’s in-between. It was a great bookend to each member’s trajectory. The current “wow, I’m going to redemption and my plan is to not fuck up” replacement isn’t and can never be a substitute, and is a big miss in the new RI format of the show.

The “congratulates the other tribe on their win” pretexxt was what Rob told his tribemates was the reason. The real reason was to break up the Matt’s affair with another tribemate, since he considered it a possible threat (think about Rob’s history in this context and it makes some sort of sense).