Survivor Redemption Island Feb 23, 2011

I hope the producers start playing this song when Special Agent Phillip Shepherd is on the screen.

They have showing more craziness in the promotional ads.

TMZ has the emails between Hantz and that dude over on survivorsucks. It does look like Russell leaked spoilers. He is going to owe CBS millions.

Link to TMZ story. Click the picture to get the PDF containing some of the emails.


Dude, they suck at hiding these things.

Both idols have now been found without any clues.

Oh, now I love Ralph the farmer.

I hope he beats Russel Hantz and just flat shows him up. He has the idol, called Russel out on the clue, and pissed him off.

I like this guy.

I think I figured out what federal agency Phillip worked for. The US Postal Office. The man is delusional if he thinks anyone is buying what he’s selling.

Also - I know most people hate him, but I love Rob’s game. He’s funny, he’s an unbelievable competitor and he doesn’t play a completely asshole game like Russell.

Oh, I love Rob, too.

Philip: It’s Survivor of the Fittest.

I love that guy!

Heh…my first actual watched ep this season.

Philip doesn’t talk. He proclaims.

I guess they don’t have good sportsmanship in Boston. I like Rob usually, but that was a bullshit reason to vote Matt out.

Meh, I don’t mind that they voted Matt out.

He could have been a threat later, post-merge. I mean, that hand-shake thing was not just a nice guy move, it was a way to seem cool for after the merge.

I disagree. In Survivor you have to put your tribe way above the other tribe (when you’re not busy backstabbing them). Any comingling is going to be looked at extremely suspiciously. Plus, you have to be looking around and seeing who’s blaming who for the loss - it’s just stupid to wander over there.

I think it’s strange they seemed to play up the “commingling/sportsmanship” angle; to me it was obvious Rob’s real reason wasto break up the burgeoning relationship between Matt and Andrea. As Rob said himself, he’s played that game.Maybe the “commingling” was a bit off-putting, but it wasn’t really the whole reason for the vote.

Saying it was the comingling is a much easier sell than “he’s formed a strong two-person friendship/possible alliance”, especially when you’re currently trying to form a two-person friendship/possible alliance.

This is shaping up to be a great season.

It really is. Good characters, incredible eye candy. INCREDIBLE eye candy. The woman with the abs that look like they could rip me in half is the only one that doesn’t make me want to rewind and figure out who I need to develop a giant crush on.

I haven’t read the thread because the show’s just started. But this struck me:

‘Please God, let there be some flint.’

Uh… Isn’t that a kerosene lantern Francesca has? With an open flame?

Ralph Roosterman seems a little more canny than he first appeared. He may have overplayed his hand though, pushing the issue with Russell. Letting others know he saw Russell take the IH clue was a good move. Confronting him showed Russell to be a liar. But the ones Ralph exposed Russell to already knew Russell had the clue, and they didn’t need evidence of Russell’s sneakiness. The girls are in Russell’s alliance. In their view, Russell’s actions may have seemed justified since they (think they) will gain by Russell staying in the game. Now Russell can make a case to them that Ralph has to go.

So far, though, I’ve seen no evidence that Russell has any power whatsoever beyond his two little puppy dog girls. Without an idol, three votes won’t do a thing, and the rest of the tribe seems pretty squarely lined up against him.

Ralph does need to be careful though. The good thing is, he doesn’t seem eager to blab about his HII to anybody. But he might have to reveal it to his alliance if they start thinking maybe Russell found it. It’s a fine line.

Jeff Probst’s Episode 2 Blog(no longer hosted on

Yeah, that was the ‘canny’ thing. He gives the impression, with his overalls and crowing, of someone who would… erm, ‘crow’ to his friends that he found the idol. Keeping one’s mouth shut is a valuable ability. (Which a FFA? should know, but seems not to.)

I wonder if he’d ‘have to’ reveal the idol to his alliance? He could argue, ‘If Russell has the idol, then we can vote for him and make him lose it. He’s only got the girls right now, and even if he’s here another three days he won’t be strong enough to survive another vote.’

I think Jeff has a good interpretation of Philip(who I actually kind of believe was a Federal Agent). I know, it’s a crazy thought, but I think he was an agent and he’s just a very quirky guy.

Anyway, Probst said:

He’s sincere, like Coach, but also very socially awkward. Can one be a Federal Agent, but work a desk job? Perhaps that is what he did.