Survivor April 13 2011 "The Buddy System"

Philip is a wonder. I love this guy and think he should be given a show of his own.

I do love Ralph, too. “Maybe tomorrow Phillip will find an entire bird tomorrow!”

Are three people now on Redemption Island?

Yep. They showed Matt, Mike, and David all there.

What’s the official sound effect of this season of Survivor? PA-GONG!

So it looks to be a three-way duel next week. This is probably the last hurrah for RI this season.

The title of this ep really should have been “That Leg Is Going To Be Decapitated”.

All in all this was a fairly boring episode. The commercials were all “Is Rob in trouble?” which of course means “He’s not.” I’m rooting for Rob hardcore, but someone needs to at least attempt to mix something up.

I can’t believe everyone is thinking that they are final 3 (or 2) amongst the Team Omelette group.

Sitcom: Camp Delusional Starring Special Agent Philip Shepard and Benjamin “Coach” Wade. Possible Story lines. For Philip, Channel Dead Native American Great Grandparents. Kayaking down the Amazon. Digging Latrines. Conducting Orchestras.

Matt’s opening in the confessional was pretty funny too. He started out analyzing his situation rationally, realizing just how foolishly he’d played, but then started talking to God -

“You’re using my stupidity for Your Glory.”

I was hoping that Mike would call out Philip for his “second highest medal in peacetime” claim.

It’s about time for a couple of challenges that expose the pecking order in the lead alliance, isn’t it? A break the tile slingshot challenge, or one that forces the winner to take a couple of people to a luxury resort.

Rob is certainly a smart guy, but he’s getting a little cocky. I would guess that after the last of the enemy is disposed of, or just before, there’s probably going to be some soul searching, and wondering if it might not be a good idea to get rid of him.

I’m sure he knows this and it’ll be interesting to see what his strategy is.

You know, they haven’t done one of those in the past few seasons. I’ve complained about the lack of them every time. Unfortunately the producers seem to be ignoring my posts on this board.

ETA: I wonder how Rob would handle a challenge like that. He’s certainly smart enough to know the implications of who he knocks out.

He would probably lose it on purpose if he knew he would have to pick favorites.

I wonder about the hanging from the pole challenge: Rob went out very, very fast. I’m guessing he knew he couldn’t possibly win it, so no need to hold out to the point of it actually hurting him, but he was too smart to appear cocky by choosing to sit out and eat instead.

Yeah, I remember a few seasons ago they had a similar challenge when one team was Pagonging another, and nearly everyone from the leading alliance sat out. The one or two who stayed in were really pissed at them. Which is why Rob is probably thrilled that Phillip chose to eat.

Really boring episode. Rob played it smart by playing the challenge (no need to draw attention to your confidence). I have a feeling if a big reward challenge comes up, he’ll throw that as well, and hope to be taken. The idol paranoia stuff was pretty much a red herring. The producers seemed to milk everything out of it they could, but still couldn’t manage any bit of suspense on if Rob was going to play his idol.

I was amused watching Rob herd his people around, with the buddy pairs holding hands like preschoolers on an outing.

Notice that there was no new HII this week? No rewards, no clues, no (productive) digging?

Because that is really the only hope for Zapatera: to either find a HII, or convince the Omertas (ha!) that they did…and force a split vote, miraculously producing a 3-way tie. Not likely, though – I think the only drama for the next 3 weeks is whether the bootees will be Steve, Ralph, Julie, or Steve, Julie, Ralph.

Rob really is playing a masterful game. The final move he needs to make is to foresee the inevitable coup d’etat, and play his HII at the right time. And all he needs to do that is to get Natalie to agree to spy for him and let him know when it’s coming.

Maybe not. Rob knows that when someone goes on a Reward challenge, it gives people (possibly bitter about not being taken on the reward) time to talk. I’ve just gotten out of bed, and haven’t had coffee yet. IOW: Warning: Slow Mind Thinking.

  1. Rob wins the challenge. He chooses the ally he wants to take to the end to cement that alliance. Given his strong position in the tribe, an alliance of two might be enough.

  2. Rob wins the challenge. He gives it away to his tribemates. This would be seen as a selfless act that would make it virtually impossible for anyone in his tribe to vote against him. And he gets to stay with the majority to nip any dissent in the bud.

  3. Rob throws the challenge, or just doesn’t win, and a tribemate wins. If he’s selected to go on the reward, he’ll be away from the larger group. If he is selected and declines, it’s a ‘noble act’ and he gets to stay with the larger group.

I’m sure Rob wants to go on a reward. If he does, he’ll do it with one or two ‘core’ people. Not a bad thing, but it might alienate his other tribemates who think they are higher in the food chain that they really are. Phil knows he’s at the bottom. He would not be surprised to not be taken on the reward. Since he knows where he stands, he’ll probably remain loyal. At least for a while. Previous confessions show that he knows he’s being played and will turn on Rob – but not yet.

What if the other side wins? They don’t really have anything to lose by going on the reward. They’re being Pagonged anyway. Still, the winner might take one of the former Omatepe in the hope s/he can be turned. Even if the member isn’t turned, Rob will see it as fraternisation and that member will be at risk when s/he gets back to camp. That could save a former Zapatera for another three days. What former Omatepe don’t seem to grasp is that eventually they’ll have to start eating themselves. OTOH, they’ve gone so far in the Cult of Rob that they will not be accepted within the opposition.

In any case, it behooves Rob not to go on the reward. If he goes, he won’t be around to ride herd on the others, who might point out how he’s been like a little dictator with a sense of entitlement.

Two things stood out to me about Jeff’s comments after each tribal counsel. After the first, he said to “keep digging” if they wanted to stay in the game. This was after we had just spent a good bit of time watching everybody digging at the flag. After the second, he said something about “cracking” the alliance. I got the distinct impression that these were subtle clues to a HII. Unfortunately, with David voted out, I don’t think anyone left from Zapatera is aware enough to pick up on it. Then again, it may have been nothing.

This pa-gonging is the absolutely right way to play, and it’s booooring.
Why don’t they try this tactic?:
Zap1: If I’m on the jury I’m totally voting for Rob. He’s obviously in control. Not one of the other Omas are doing anything. Hey Phil, do you think you have a chance against Rob? You don’t! All the Zaps on the jury are all voting for Rob, do you think you can even turn one of your tribemates? I doubt it, your only chance is to not face Rob to the finals am I right?
Oma1: uh…
Zap1: Hey Rob, guess what? Phil doesn’t want to take you to the finals!

It doesn’t have to be Phil, it really could be anyone except maybe Grant. And the subtext is that all the Zaps will vote for Rob, let the scheming begin, and Rob’s paranoia will get the best of him.

I don’t know if they were clues or not, but I had those exact same thoughts when Jeff said those words.