Survivor March 16th (open spoilers!)

Whoa, Boston Rob …

When did I become a fan, his third appearance? I definitely am now, though.

And this week’s move …

Damn. Love me some Boston Rob.

Specifically – swapping HII clues.

Does this man know how to play this game or what?

Do we know if it’s for a second HII at camp? It seemed like he thought it wouldn’t make a difference. Either way, that was amazingly brilliant.

Matt is looking really solid on RI. Rob may have voted him off for pairing up and/or reaching out to the other tribe - but he was smart to vote off such a strong physical and mental player, whether he knew it or not.

Patrick has some life in him! He’s doing it right this time, too. If he can manage to not be too hands-on and let…whatsherface try to find a third partner, he could… Well, let’s not kid ourselves. Rob has a HII, could be getting a second, and has a strong hold on everyone else in that tribe.

Wow, Ometepe won handily thanks to Rob. I wish Stephanie would have left before Krist-duh, though, she looks like Sarah Silverman and I keep on expecting her to be witty. Which she is not. At all. I wonder what she’d do if she found out Steve went 11 seasons in the NFL. Interesting he’s keeping it under his hat for now, guess he thinks people will think he’s a challenge monster and doesn’t need the dough.

I didn’t see the same raging dissent that the promo monkeys promised for the Shoemakers this week, but I am looking forward to Phil blowing his top at the lazy sunbathers next week. I’d probably have the same trouble as he and Andrea do, I hate it when people don’t pull their weight even if they weigh like 80 pounds.

Go David!

Rob has some magical power where I like him more with every appearance. I disliked him his first two times but he started to grow on me with The Amazing Race. Another season or two on either show, and I might have to become a full blown Rob stalker.

Onto other non-Rob topics:

One of my favorite events, which doesn’t happen every season, is when the team that is always winning starts to implode on itself. I didn’t want it to happen last time because I didn’t want to be Russell to be right in that throwing the challenge would lead to their downfall, but it looks like the time is now.

Also, way to lessen the impact of RI even more. Kristina loses, but then Jeff spends five minutes talking to Matt before going “Oh right, Kristina you’re off the game for good.” And they’re showing even less of RI then they were before. They showed 5 minutes of Sugar on Exile Island damn near every single episode, but they can’t spend any time showing what Matt is going through? If he makes it all the way and comes back in, we still don’t know anything about him. You forget about him once the duel is over.

Speaking of the duel, I wonder how long that challenge took. The puzzles are always edited down. I remember there was one last season that actually lasted over an hour. Considering how exhausted they looked, and Matt took the time to talk to Rob in the middle of it, I bet it lasted a long time.

Judging from the shadows, it looks like the duel challenge ended right at high noon. And Matt’s shadow was about 4 feet long when they started.

I would guess that the challenge lasted at least 90 minutes. Maybe longer.

Rob and Grant had seats in the shade for the duel challenge. Russell’s harem sat in the sun

Phil and airheads were boring.

I liked the turtles and treefrog best this episode.

Poor turtles. They can’t give a mother in labor some privacy?!

I thought the survivors was going to raid the clutch of eggs for some much needed protein.

I happened upon a mother snapping turtle as she was laying her clutch of eggs. She looked totally ticked off that I was interrupting. of course snapping turtles are not known to be the life of the party.

I left her alone after I figured out what she was doing.

Did anyone notice how Rob moved from where he was giving directions to where he worked on the puzzle… he literally sprinted over the rails of the maze. The other gal had to run up and down, back and forth through the maze to get there.

As far as the turtle eggs go… I would guess they (the survivors) were nowhere near the actual event. I have watched a sea turtle lay eggs though in Costa Rica and it wouldn’t be any problem to take them. The momma turtle goes into a kind of a trance while laying her eggs.

I can’t believe Stephanie had “THE” and “VICTORY” so early and couldn’t come up with “SWEET SMELL OF”. What was she doing all that time?

I don’t buy the “Matt is in trouble!” misdirection in the “next week’s Survivor.” I think he’s in for the long haul- or at least until someone with a bit more fight in them gets voted off.


We rewound that a few times - it was a thing of beauty. He looked like a monkey! A really pretty monkey. Yeah, I’ve been a Robstalker since his second appearance.

I guess Krista must’ve been a lot more abrasive around camp than they’ve shown us. She had barely cracked my radar, being overwhelmed by the bratty bitchy Stephanie.

I’m pretty sure that Patrick = Phillip.

Glad that one of Russell’s concubines was voted off. It was amusing how superior they were pointing out the stupidity of their teammates’ “non-strategy,” while further alienating the very people who had the power to get rid of them. Great strategy, ladies!

Rob is really playing the game. But he’s had a lot of time to think about strategy, hasn’t he? I really like Grant, but he’s stupid for trusting Rob so much. I’m hoping that in a few weeks he’ll make a power play and boot him.

And, seriously, people – how long until you figure out that the clue for the HII is usually hidden in with the reward? Hellllllloooo?

So we have TWO ex-NFL players in the mix? Does the players’ union have some sort of secret alliance with “Survivor” and “Dancing with the Stars?”?

Okay, Rooster Man got on my nerves during the reward challenge. He diverted Stephanie’s resources by continuing to ask where he should go.

Now that Special Agent? Droopy Drawers (Phil) has calmed down a little, he’s beginning to make a little sense.

Gooo Matt!

The way they’ve done it in the past is that only single HII can be in play at a tribe. Once it’s been found though, they keep on delivering clues. If it gets played, (as Kristina did a few episodes back), it gets rehidden - that’s the one Rob found. But yes, they keep delivering clues even if the HII is in someone’s pocket.

Of course, with all the shaking up of the game they’re doing this season, who knows? Maybe the coffee jar is an HII too.

From Probst’ Blog

As usual, Dalton Ross’ recap is excellent!

“Redemption Island continues to deliver”… well, only if you count stuff you didn’t show us Probst! Make it clear how long the challenge took. Show us Kristina nearly keeling over. Let us see a bit more of the Matt/Rob discussions. Maybe then we’ll consider this a worthwhile use of screen time…

In hindsight, it appear Rob chose poorly in sending Matt away. If he was adamant about breaking up the twosome I wonder if sending Andrea would have been smarter - at least then he could be reasonably sure she’d be gone for good.

At the least, now that Matt has proven rather resilient (and Philip seems the only possible near-boot that could challenge him), Rob really needs to consider sending Andrea packing as well. Matt coming back with Andrea still in the game is a very bad situation for Rob.

The funniest thing is that the FFA has can’t figure out why no one has discussed strategy with him.

Next to leave: Either Phillip or Stephanie. Then, after they are gone, one more vote off and the merge. Rob’s team better start winning challenges as it’s quickly becoming a numbers game.