Survivor: Redemption Island Starts tonight

Premier episode at 8 pm est.

With Russell and Rob back [sigh]. and Russell apparently in trouble with Survivor executives.

Augh…I forgot it was on Wednesdays now. I approach this like I’ve approached Survivor for the last five or six seasons…with reluctance and footdragging. I’d opt out entirely if Survivor night weren’t cuddle-and-watch night with my partner.

That said, I have no taste for this show anymore, really. What isn’t old and stale is tasteless and ill-considered. The retreading (again!) of Rob and Russell makes me roll my eyes. The Redemption Island thing is just “meh”. I don’t mean to threadshit, really. I’m just…I don’t know. Not looking forward to it, I guess.

I agree. I’ll probably record it for a few weeks but never muster the enthusiasm to watch.

I’ll watch the first few episodes at least, but if the cast is as full of douchebags as last season, that’s it for me. Russell is very tiresome, and Rob is just…Rob.

I actually like Rob. But he’s had ample chances to win (ditto Russell) and he has not. It is embarrassingly obvious at this point that either Mark Burnett, Jeff Probst, or both, view Rob and Russell as the kind of player that they wish could win at their game, and they’re bound and determined to do whatever they can to make that a reality. And that kind of obviousness kills the fun of the game for me. I mean, just give them each a million dollars and be done with it, you know?

It’s gotta be better than last time, which was the worst Survivor season ever. I don’t care one way or the other about Rob and Russell being back. On the one hand I’ve seen enough of both of them, but on the other, if you’re going to “cast” the contestants, at least you know with these two that they are competitive and will play the game hard. Much better than the head-cases and the phonies that are just on the show to advance their showbiz careers.

Heroes vs. Villians was all retreads and it was one of the best seasons ever.

Is there a question mark at the end of “Former Federal Agent”?

Phillip is the new Coach.

Yeah, it says: Former Federal Agent?

Wow, interesting cast this year. I have to admit, I actually have an immediately liking to this season, something that did not happen last season at all.

Dude, those “redemption island possible moment” things are insulting to all our intelligence. We get it; they get to maybe get back in the game and that is hugely significant. It’s not that complicated.

Yeah, I really hope this is a one night only thing.

I also think they need to tell us when the “re-insertion” moment is. I mean, when does the person get back in?

If it is really late in the game, it’s lame.

Yeah, so Philip is insane.

I think Rob is loving this new group. Amateurs.

OMG, WTF, batshitcrazycakes alert!

Oh, and I’m liking the amount of blur on the chicks already. :cool:

Yeah, we have another “blurr butt” girl. Reminds me of Amanda.

By the way, “dude in orange tank top” got ripped off. He spoke not one word, I believe.

I bailed halfway through last season and never looked back and tried this season with a skeptical eye, mostly because this would be my first chance to watch it in HD. Honestly, despite the utter insanity of Phillip (he was a Federal Agent you know), I was kind of bored, don’t really like any of the cast and just plain over Survivor I think. On the other hand, Boobs.

I’m conflicted.

Survivor: Redemption. That one episode reminded me of how this show can be so good.

One of the smartest players gets booted first due to aligning herself with two completely crazy people.

Boston Rob takes complete control of his tribe from go.

The smallest, youngest, woman on Russell’s tribe swears that she will not be pulled in by him, and makes it about 24 hours before doing exactly that.

One guy is completely crazy and cannot keep his mouth shut for 30 seconds. Anything told to him will be known by the entire tribe within a day. This may be a valuable piece of knowledge that can be exploited by a savvy player.

One woman has a basic level of smarts, but when given a huge advantage, she doesn’t spend one moment thinking about how she can best use it, but instead focuses like a laser on how she can use it right now! If she were somehow to win the million dollars, she will have it spent before she leaves L.A. after the reunion show.

Oh yeah.

I think this has the possibility of being an interesting season.

For one thing, the 180 difference between how Russell’s team took the news they were getting him, vs. Boston Rob’s team. (And, yeah, I’m a Boston Rob convert. “Amateurs!”)

I’m not committed yet, but I do think this could turn out to be an interesting season.

No. Coach at least knew what show he was on.

Truly bizarre tribal council :). What in God’s name set the federal agent off? Why did he start spouting off? I may actually enjoy this one.

Okay, random thoughts time.

-Disappointed Franchkwestkwa is gone. (I know she’s not really gone, but I can’t imagine she’ll stick around on Redemption Island forever). She seemed really smart, and capable of repairing all the damage to Survivor race relations that Naonka did.

  • Idol girl was dumb in trying a big move so early. Fran was right, if she had pulled it off, it still would’ve been 2/3 vs. 5.

  • That was easily the most amazing first tribal council ever. Probably in the top five of all tribals.

  • Lot of eye candy this season. All ruined by a Former Federal Agent? in red briefs.

  • I was hoping to see Russell change up his game. He basically played the exact same way both times, expecting to win each of them. He knows he can’t go that again. But he seems to be going down the same path.

  • I have no opinions of anyone on the purple team, other than Russell, yet.

-Lot of eye candy.

  • Teams seem fairly well matched. One slightly more physical, one slightly better at puzzles. But there’s no “huge powerhouse that sucks at puzzles” team.

  • Lot of eye candy. Wonderful, blurry, “who is that girl, has she even talked before?” eye candy.