Survivor is on Wednesday this week

As the title says, Survivor is on Wednesday this week.

Thanks. Who do you want them to jettison this time?

According to the previews, two get voted out this week.

Based on that public information, I’m hoping for a James/Russell double-booting. Russell has started to bore me, and I think Boston Rob should pull the plug on him right now, or at least get the HII out of the equation. James should have been gone last week.

Courtesy Bump, for those that might have missed it.

I’ve never seen an episode that had a double-booting or a season that had the individual immunity idol, but I’m assuming something about the conditions of these two would preclude Russell getting voted off (since he has that trump card in his deck).

But otherwise, yeah–those two couldn’t possibly go soon enough (unless it’s Rupert who goes first).

I hope James doesn’t get voted off yet, he looked tasty all oiled up for the slip-n-slide episode :D.

Russell handled that situation brilliantly.

Russell is a smart mo-fo. Not only did he see what was going to happen, he picked the right person to flip his vote. Plus, my boyfriend Colby was spared. Very good episode!!

Tyson is a fucking idiot. I still hate Russell, but he did play that brilliantly. Rob’s plan was great, but–apparently–not foolproof. Tyson was the fool.

Glad to see that asshole James gone.

Tyson is one seriously stupid human being. How could he not understand to vote for Russell? And James? Please shut up. Just shut up. You’re gorgeous but still even dumber than Tyson.

At least Tyson realized that he had no-one to blame but himself.


But he’s still awesome, at least.

“I’m surrounded by idiots!” – What Rob was probably thinking

There were 9 people on the Villians right? So if Tyson had voted for Parvati, the vote still would have been 3-Tyson, 3-Russell, 3-Parvati and Tyson would have been in a tie with whichever one did not play the idol. Tyson is probably one of the stupidest players to ever play the game after that suicidal move. It was awesome though watching Rob & Russell have the same ideas trying to outwit each other, and you have to give Russell props for that move with the idol. That really played out brilliantly for him.

And I’m glad that even if Russell is still there, at least we don’t have to see Tyson’s smarmy face again. He just comes across as a complete tool and I’m thrilled we’re rid of him.

Plus Russell bought Coach’s next vote with the whole “man of integerty” speach… not to mention Poverty’s vote. That is a pretty strong threesome right now.

Tyson DID vote for Pavarti–that’s what screwed things up. He was supposed to vote for Russell to force the tie.

The thing is, if he actually believed that Russell was going to vote for Parvati, he still should have stuck with the original plan. The vote then would have been 3 for Russell (including Tyson’s vote), 4 for Parvati (including Russell’s vote), and 2 for Tyson. There was absolutely no need for Tyson to vote for Parvati.

Nitpick: Tyson did vote for Parvati; he stupidly switched his vote from Russell to Parvati, but otherwise you have it exactly right. If Rob had assigned Tyson to vote Parvati to begin with it would not have been an issue, and I’m sure Rob is kicking himself over that even though you’d literally have to be a genius to have planned that meticulously.

This episode went pretty much perfectly for me, though I’d have rather seen Colby go home. And this retroactively makes me bitter about Tom, who apparently got voted out last week for nothing. Oh well, no biggee.

Greatest HII play ever. That was an impressive display by both Russell and Boston Rob. Everyone else looks like moronic chimps compared to those two. I like both of them, which is going to get tricky in future tribal councils since those two are clearly leading openly warring factions. Should be interesting.

I was bummed when this episode made clear that Danielle was on the outs with the main tribe. That means it’s Rob’s (now) 5 vs Russell and the two hot chicks. So I need Russell to hang in there and protect his “dumb-ass girl alliance.” But if that happens, Rob is by definition in more jeopardy.

It’s funny how the only one of Rob’s allies I like at all is Courtney. (She’s hard to look at but love her snark.) Hate Tyson and was glad to see him go, especially the way he did. Such an idiot. Didn’t see Sandra’s season and she’s nothing to look at anyway, I think Coach is an embarassing-to-watch buffoon and Jerri is well past her best-by date.

On the heroes’ side I’m liking JT, Amanda and Candice. Hate Rupert and bored by Colby. So once again, my rooting interests are split between two main factions. On the plus side, Colby might be cannon fodder ahead of Candice, but from the sounds of this episode she’s first on the block.

Great season. Pretty much no matter what, next week someone I really like (or at least like to look at) is going home, and I’ll still have a bunch of people left who I’m invested in. Can’t beat that.

Foursome. This episode made clear that Danielle is with Russell & Parvati. Rob is left with Sandra, Courtney and Jerri, which is four on four if Coach does indeed jump ship. I don’t think he will, though, because he’s obligated by the same logic of honor to stay with Rob, he practically worships Rob anyway, and he pines for Jerri, who is with Rob.

I think trying to predict Coach’s thoughts is like trying to guess where lightning will strike.

I bet Rob cringes when he sees his “welcome to the big leagues” comment while voting for Russell. Russell not only foresaw Rob’s plan but managed to get Tyson to vote himself out.

Tyson’s a jackass, but he is by far the best Survivor snarker ever. So it’s a shame that he was undone by his idiotic overthinking again.

Russell has just painted the biggest bullseye ever on his back. And $10 says Parvati is the one to sell him out when the Villains just go to TC.