Survivor April 1 2010

Wow, the heroes absolutely killed them this week.

Good to see Colby contributing.

Russell somehow manages to pull people over.

Sad to see Rob go, but I didn’t want Russell to go either. I’m happy he called Couch out on the lame “I didn’t betray you because I didn’t vote for you” move

Man, I totally wish they had dumped Russell’s ass. I’m super bummed that they got rid of Rob, who I was liking a lot this season.

Fuckin’ Coach.

Ditto. I was really liking Rob this time around.

Oh, well. Maybe Russell gets eaten by a shark or something.

It’s nice to see that the Villains are following in the Heroes’ footsteps by voting off the strongest people first. Which is smart seeing how well it worked for the Heroes.

I blame Tyson for this fiasco.

Oh, and Coach is a big weenie head, though he seems to understand the game better than I thought he did.

Two of the first three heroes voted out were Sugar and Cirie. Do you think they are “strong” players?

I thought Russell trying to woo Jerri over to bring Coach along was a smart move. Place in her the seed of doubt in her ranking with Rob’s crew and also use her to sway the “dragonslayer”. Wonder how long Sandra and Courtney gonna stay now that they’re obviously against Russell in that vote. I tihnk getting rid of Rob now is gonna bring the Curse of Boston Rob on the villains and they’re gonna go on a decent losing streak. He was the brains of the challenges, the leader that barked orders, the rallier of troops, now who do they have? Coach and his metaphors? Russell the troll?

Tyson shoulda voted as he was told last week… changing his vote to Parvati was the move that got Rob this week. Rob can blame Tyson easily for his ouster.

Hey, Probst recently wrote that he thinks Cirie is one of the best players out there. Seriously.


Rob was the only villain I really liked anymore. (I definitely respected Russell skill-wise after last season, thought he should’ve won, but I felt he’s been a bit egotistical this season, especially so easy, playing in the big leagues. Then again, more weeks like this and I might have to begrudgling respect him again). I was even starting to think Coach was my second-favorite villain through this episode (since he seemed immune to Russell’s manipulations), but that went out the window with his “I’m not really betraying you by voting for Courtney.” What a jerk. I hope they hold the merge off and make the Villains pay for taking out the guy who was helping that team win single-handedly. Not his fault he got placed with a bunch of bozos (like Tyson and Courtney).

Man, I’m not even sure who to root for anymore. Colby? JT?

I’m no Rob fan, but what a stupid move. You don’t vote off the strongest players on your tribe. Funny that Coach voted for Courtney. He’s so out of it.

Good for the Heroes, though. Who knew the trick was to take JT off the physical end and put him on the puzzle end.

I see the Villains just falling apart after this. Courtney was the smart move to vote off.

Woo! Rob is gone, yay. I felt like the Villain’s game was all about him, it’ll be nice for it to be about someone else, even if it’s about Russell. I don’t like either of them, but it’s nice to see one of them gone. And it gives the lame Heroes tribe a chance, so what the hell, it’s better TV all around.

Coach will fit in great on Dorks vs. Douches in 2015.

Russell was really enjoying himself in this episode. Even though he could have easily got Coach’s vote for Courtney he went after the big kill. It’s probably for the best since Rob could have won Coach or Jerri over before the next tribal council, but Courtney and her friend do not have enough skills to break an alliance.

This is actually the first episode I watched this season (after watching last week’s tribal council.) The last season I saw was when Rob’s wife won. Coach seemed like a smart guy when he said that Russel was tricking Jerri. But after that vote he seemed like such a douche bag. A vote for Courtney is obviously a vote against Rob and good for Rob for calling Coach on it.

Coach was right about one thing. Russel can pretty much manipulate all the players left in the Villains tribe.

Now I really regret reading the leaked “boot list.” It seems to be on point so far.

On the one hand, I begrudgingly have to give Russell credit for somehow getting things to go exactly the way he wanted, again. He managed to take out one of the game’s top players ever.

On the other hand, a number of things had to fall exactly the right way for this to happen:

  • Tyson made an astoundigly boneheaded move to seal his own ouster.
  • Jerri, for reasons I still don’t quite understand, went against her better judgement and threw her support to someone who she knows in her gut can’t be trusted, trading being the fourth person in one alliance to being the fourth person in a different alliance. I don’t know what she thought she gained.
  • Coach wimped out. I mean completely. All his hand-wringing about not breaking his word was just a cover for the fact that he couldn’t take a stand and make a decision. He threw his vote away and essentially had Jerri make the choice for him. Coach was holding a lot of cards this week but folded his hand instead of playing them. What a wuss.
  • Rob gave up. I hate to say it, but there was no fight left in him by the end. I expected him to work much harder for Jerri and Coach’s votes, bad-mouth Russell, argue against switching alliances, anything. But when he was reduced to begging, it was clearly over.
  • Finally, Russell is benefitting big-time by the fact that none of these players got to watch his season before playing against him. I don’t think anybody would touch a Russell alliance with a 39 1/2-foot pole if they had.

True, Russell’s a good player, but I continue to be amazed by the sheer volume of poor choices people keep making around him. I guess maybe his skill lies in convincing them to make those poor choices. I don’t know how he does it, though.

Well, learned I have this problem in that Survivor, FlashForward and The Office all overlap now, and my DVR can only do two things at a time. Office was a repeat, so I thought the other two would record, but when I went to watch Survivor and FF last night I only had FF (and the Office repeat). So now I’ll read this thread and spoil myself until I can watch the episode online somewhere.

episodes ago, when they found the note about the HII i thought Russell was and idiot and still playing last season’s game by seeking it out when everyone said that whoever found it would be voted out by the rest.

but it was the game-changing move. russell was able to leverage the HII to survive and take charge when his alliance was down 6 to 3. what a player.

and, boy, that scene where rob just couldn’t believe that russell would tell the 2 women they should be voted off was so good, i rewound by DVR 3 times to watch it over.

to reference Shawshank Redemption: I’d like to think that the last thing that went through Boston Rob’s head was to wonder how the hell that socially inept troll Russell ever got the best of him.


I was wondering if Rob threw the puzzle/IC this time – to get another shot at Russell – but then he seemed so half-hearted at maneuvering, so I guess not.

You know what would be cool? If the next time the villains go to TC, it ends up with Russell/Coach/Parvati voting whoever and the other four women taking out Russell. Don’t know if any of the other women have the gumption to organize it, but it’s getting close to traditional merge time so holding on to strong guys is less and less important.