Survivor March 30th

@JeffProbst is live tweeting on the East Coast.

Wow. Best challenge in a long long time.

Phillip is still batshit crazy.

My brain two minutes ago: “Is he gonna throw it in the volcano? He’s gonna throw it in the volcano. Yep, he threw it in the volcano.”

I love Rob.

Preview from Jeff’s twitter feed:

For following me tonight, you are the first to hear that next week…we merge. So the winner of the duel goes back into the game.

ETA: Okay, but I knew a good 30 seconds before they had it on TV.

I would give him all the crispy rice he wants.

Note for the left-coasters – he’s going to live-tweet again at 8 PM your time.

:eek: More Russell flashbacks. :eek:

Ralph: “I don’t know what ‘cohesive’ means”

So, either Matt or Sarita re-enter the game. Not the most amazing two people to compete and it illustrates one of the weaknesses of the concept. Matt wins every challenge, but if he loses just one(this one), he’s out.

well that’s the perk for being NOT voted out so early, and the disadvantage of being voted it out early. Either you have to win a shit ton if you got canned fast or you win just one for being a loyal tribe member for so long as they needed you.

Seriously Philip is one crazy dude. He’s all pissy that he’s the red-headed step-child one moment, then he’s all i love this tribe because we’re strong the next.

I hope Rob stuns the ppl that want him out with a nice plan using his HII next week.

and forgot to add that when Jeff gave him an example (a crew that gets along vs one that is bickering) Ralph says he doesn’t agree. WTF?

Seriously how much of a redneck can you be not to know what that word means, I would understand if he was a child, but a man of his age and never seeing or hearing that word is astonishing. I hope he’s really trying to play the dumbass card because if he ain’t, he really needs to read a book or something.

OH forgot to add, did we see who voted for who? I wonder who voted with Sarita, since it was 4 Sarita and 2 David. That person is really gonna have to do some damage control or find out where they didn’t get the update on the tribe vote.

It seemed to me that he was just playing it up.

I’m guessing it was Ralph. He was the only one really pushing for David to go.

Sheesh. HOW LONG will Jeff be in mourning for Russell???

I don’t think he’ll need it; the most logical scenario to me is that Rob’s 5 pick up David and Matt and vote out Former Federal Agent?


“I won’t blindside Philip, I’ll frontside him!”

Wikipedia says it was Ralph.

Seriously. And he’s totally overselling the thrown challenge angle. Any tribe can have a losing streak at any time, for lots of reasons. And they did win one; they’re 1-3 since booting Russell, only one under .500, and the challenges have been close. It’s not that big a deal, but Jeff keeps pounding it into their heads that they should be regretting what they did, and in doing so he’s affecting the players’ mindsets and thus the game itself.

Besides, does anybody truly believe that the tribe would be more cohesive with Russell and his concubines still around? Give me a break!

A couple of thoughts about next week:[spoiler]I hate it when they spoil the merge on the preview. Do they think it gets more vievers to tune in? Seems like on a show like this, folks are in every week anyway, and those that aren’t might be less inclined to come back once the surprise is ruined. Obviously I’m wrong, though, since they keep doing it.

That said, it seems Zapatera may have made the wrong decision voting out Sarita; now that there are no more tribe challenges, physical strength is not an issue.
It looks as if they told the duel participants that the winner will be re-entering the game before the duel itself. That seems odd. I thought the whole point was that nobody knows until it actually happens.
Finally, I’m a bit surprised that they didn’t do any kind of tribe shake-up before merging. I thought they learned that lesson way back in season 1. [/spoiler]

It’s the same challenge (or mostly the same) they used last season. They’re filming in the same place, so they’re recycling some of the challenge props, including the waterboarding device.

Philip’s ranting is getting better each week. “They sleep in Rob’s underwear at night…literally - they’re sharing his underwear, his socks. his bed!” I wonder if Amber smacked Rob while they were watching the episode.