Survivor: Cook Islands Ep. 1 - "I Can Forgive Her But I Don't Have To ..."

“… Because She Screwed With My Chickens.” Whew. New location, new theme, new twist – but same Bat-time and same Bat-channel. I can’t wait!

And what is this about the chickens? There are chickens? You guys, I’m so excited!

You scared me. I thought for a moment the episode had already been shown and I had missed it.

That’s exactly what I thought. Minor heart attack. I don’t want to watch this season. I said to myself back at the end of the last season, “Self, you don’t care enough anymore. Give yourself something better to do on Thursdays.”

And then I found out about Survivor: Race War. How can I not watch it? It’ll be a train wreck! And my roommate pointed out that if I watch the first episode, I won’t be able to stop, no matter how much the season sucks. Another several months of watching Survivor while Tivoing Smallville and getting annoyed at both shows. But I can’t help it. I know I’m going to watch it.

What’s worse is that I’m betting the Honky Tribe is going to be the dumbest of the bunch. I haven’t seen any player bios or even pictures, but I know I’m going to be ashamed of my own whiteness. I’m rooting for the Asians.

rockle, I am just as excited!

I am positively giddy!! And, now that we have a PVR, I am recording them ALL and watching again and again.

Didja notice how we already have a Courtney & Bruce look alike?

Wanna hear something funny? I bought Survivor: Palau last week and the first thing I thought of when I saw Ian was your dolphin boy crush. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait … I can buy it? I’ve been watching the repeats on OLN. (Thank you, DirecTV!) I loved that season, and I have hope for this one, too. The divided-by-race nonsense notwithstanding (I believe it’s going to be pretty much a red herring after Ep. 1, anyway), I think this is going to be fun because there are so many characters. At least on paper. I watched the special preview on TV Guide Channel, and I am really stoked. Of course, I always am, until at least Week 3, when everybody annoys me all at once, or when Jeff starts getting pissy.

Big article in my local paper today about the cast…what’s interesting is that this cast was much more actively recruited than in the past. Which stands to reason…the alternative, I guess, was that they recruited randomly, and Mark Burnett said…“hey, didja notice we have exactly 5 whites, 5 Latinos, 5 AAs and 5 Asians? Let’s split 'em into teams!”. Not likely.

Good to (figuratively) hear your voice again, rockle . Only you could find something to get that stoked about before the show even begins! But, one question: are they sacred chickens?

I agree with your assessment of the whole race-division thing. I think it may last a couple of weeks longer than the age/gender division from Palau, but it’s basically just a come-on, IMHO.

Well, since Thursday is bowling night, and Mrs. Know and I like to watch the show together, I’ll meetchawl back here sometime over the weekend for initial observations and the like.


I completely gave up on the show since the unbearable Coronation of Rupert, but I’m willing to give this series opener a looksee (that is, until Earl/Office start up again). Personally, I think the race division premise is a terrific idea, and has great potential as more than just a train wreck (though it could easily end that way, too).

Go Hispanics! :slight_smile:

Well, I know my #1 Survivor viewing partner - my youngest daughter - has a big test tomorrow, but maybe I can write her a note! Mentioned it to my wife when I saw it in the paper this a.m., and she said, “Sounds like a good way to waste an hour this evening!”

I always have a tough time remembering 1/2 the contestants for the first several weeks. Maybe this time I’ll be able to at least identify them as “the young white guy” or “the older asian woman.”

With more contestants, is it expected to last longer than before, or will there me multiple double bounces?

Yep! I got mine at Walmart, but check out Amazon

I think they’ll go to 2 tribes in a pick-em kinda way after the first episode or two. Just like they did with the young/old guys/girls.

I agree with ya, after the third week, people piss me off, but, you know what? It won’t make me stop watching.

Out of every season of Survivor, I’ve missed exactly one episode, and that was in the first season. I own every season there is to own, so to say I’m a die hard fan is an understatement.

I’ve been checking out the ebay auctions and I might try and buy something in the near future.

Now, that’s the spirit!

It’s interesting that Survivor can divide teams by age and gender, and nobody bats an eye. Split 'em up by race, and good god, it’s TEOTWAWKI!

Evil genius that he is, Burnett has exactly what he wanted: people talking about his show. And after a week or two, everyone (who’s watching) will be focused on the competition, and not on the ethnicity of the competitors.

I don’t own any, but I’ve applied for every season. Yes, even Season 1. They called me on the phone for some more informatio for that one, but I didn’t get past that.


I like the race idea. I 'm looking forward to the end (maybe final 5) when people have to avoid saying, “I’m sticking with my original tribe alliance, Go Whites!” Which will be seen as racist when before when someone said I’m sticking with the old women, it was fine:)
I think we’re heading to a similar final 4 where one from every tribe will be represented. Just my hope/$.02

Exactly what I’ve thought since I heard the premise. The fact that people are getting themselves all bunched up over this is just what CBS wants. Free publicity.

It says something about our society that dividing people by sex (how many times have they done that at this point?) and age and it’s all part of the game, but if you dare to consider race, then you’re a cross-burning hatemonger.

I for one, can’t wait to see the new season and what twists they work into it beyond the starting divisions.

I think that, too. I bet they keep them separate for about 2 or 3 weeks and then mix them up somehow. Maybe the usual tribe shuffle to make two groups or merge two groups together to make two (whites and Hispanics together, and Asians and African-Americans together), I don’t know.
But I’m betting the whole ‘divided by race’ thing doesn’t last very long.

Do the initial divisions ever last long? Last season, didn’t they shuffle tribes in the second episode? It’s just a gimmick for attention. And it worked like a charm.

Hi, Rafe! :smiley:

I can’t apply, I’m a canuck. Otherwise, I would have for sure!

The Amazon divided-by-gender one is the only one I can remember lasting any length of time, and of course they still mixed them up fairly soon.
I don’t like when they mix and re-mix too often - I can’t remember the initial tribes and get all confused.

(I don’t understand your acronym)