Survivor - December 8, 2010 *spoilers*

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I think Benry needed to do a better job convincing Sash to join the four man alliance. He kept talking about not trusting Sash. When it’s 3 vs. 3 and there’s a swing vote, trust goes out the window. He needed to make the point that Sash has a much better chance wining against any of them in the end than beating Jane, Holly, or Chase.

And really, I don’t buy that Jane winning is a done deal. What has she really done other than win a few challenges and have a sad story? But they need to get rid of her soon in case the last challenge is an endurance one. She’ll win that one for sure.

Also, I hope Jeff introduces Nay and Kelly as “the quitters” at every tribal council.

Probst really hates quitters:

Whew. For a few minutes there I was worried it was between Fabio and Holly, who are my two favorite players so either way it would have been not-good. Glad it was Benry.

“They gave up is what I’m saying. They were too weak and feeble-minded to spend a few more days camping. Did I mention they quit?”

I knew Holly was staying but I was definitely worried about Fabio. Although he’s in a lot of trouble now if he doesn’t win the next immunity challenge.

Also, there’s 6 players left and the idols are still in play. Have we ever made it this far without a single idol being used (or a person being voted out with one)? They can only use them the next two right?

I have not heard that stated this season, but I might not have been paying attention. If the “only until final four” boilerplate was not in the idol clues, then we don’t know the expiration date. Having said that, I would guess that you’re right – they have to be used before final four.

Remind me where the idols are? Sash has one, was that the one Naonka had? Who has the other one?

No, Naonka gave hers to Chase. Sash has the one that he suckered Marty into giving him.

I do too. I’m not sure I can watch the rest of this season – which I was pretty uninvested in anyway – knowing that those two quitting quitters are on the jury and will have a say in the final result.

I still have trouble believing that no one has offered Dan up. I realize that it’s strategic to not target a guy who has zero chance of winning an individual immunity, but at some point you’d think they’d look around and say, “Why not Dan?”

Chase dominated that reward challenge, to the point where I was screaming at him to slow down a little bit. Could the target on his back be any wider? He’s lucky that Sash decided to align with him, though I wonder why. I think if either Holly or Jane make it to the final 3, they have a real shot of beating everyone.

I thought it was amusing that Holly dissed Nayonka and Purple Kelly so badly. “There are 20 people that wanted to play this game and they just up and quit. UNbelievable.” This from the chick who had to be talked out of quitting on Day FIVE from Coach. (Yes, she’s redeemed herself since, but she could use some humility.)

Aww, it was so sad when Jane cried over that chicken. I’d have a hard time letting them slaughter a chicken right in front of me without crying, too. I’m such a sucker.

Sash is looking dangerously skinny. I wonder if any of the Survivors have ever suffered permanent repercussions from the starvation, such as losing teeth.

Both challenges favored men.

I won’t miss Benry. He didn’t seem to have a personality. Maybe he and Purple Kelly can get together and have personality-less children.

Lots of dumbassery to go around this week, IMO.

Chase: Didn’t take Sash with him on the reward, allowing him to spend all day and night with the opposing alliance. At least he realized it was a dumb move and was lucky enough that it didn’t hurt him.

Sash: Picked the wrong alliance to back. I can’t see him winning a final vote against Jane or Holly; maybe Chase, maybe not. But he could easily beat Dan and Benry, and possibly Fabio. If Jane or Holly had left this week, Sash just bacame the favorite to win it all. As it stands, he’s #4 at best.

Benry: Benry, Benry, Benry. You moron. Even if you hadn’t been voted out, throwing a member of your own alliance under the bus would have thoroughly doomed you. There was no upside to that. None. Your best hope was talking Sash onto your side. You could have done it. If it works, you’re squarely in the driver’s seat; if it doesn’t, you’re no worse off than you are now.

Dan: For going along with Benry’s plan. Not that I’d expect him to start having a strategy now.

Fabio: Not as big a dumbass as the above, but way too passive at this point in the game. Time to stop playing dumb. As one-third of a major alliance, he should have been actively involved in the decision-making, and helping to pull Sash to their side. He might have been able to sniff out the attempted blindside if he’d been more alert.

I did kind of like the swift justice on Benry, though. Turning on Fabio was a bad idea in the long run anyway, but it bit him hard in the short run. Serves him right.

100% agree on this one… my only thought is Sash believes he has a better chance to win challenges vs. Chase, Holly, Jane than vs. Benry, Fabio, Dan.

Given that Chase is the main threat, and the jury members might respect a risky move, I thought aligning with Benry, Fabio, and Dan and taking out Chase was THE move to make this week.

This was a pretty mediocre episode. Some suspense in the IC, and I think Sash was lucky to win it. They have to realize that no one can beat Jane at the end, so they have to get rid of her soon. I don’t know what to do with Dan… he’s just sort of “there”.

Had Benry had ANY face time before this episode?

Have you notice that with six people left, they’re at 3 old people, 3 young people? Wouldn’t it be a scream if Jane/Holly/Dan noticed that and were keeping very quiet about it? All they’d have to do is get the Jane/Holly/Chase alliance to go after Fabio or Sach next time – and Dan to secretly to along – and then the oldies can wipe out the other two as immunity challenges allow.

I think Sash is focused a little too much on just getting to the final three. He’s think that if it becomes the final four with Chase, Jane, and Holly, Jane will get voted out and he gets in the final three.

I have to respect that they got Benry and Dan to, OBVIOUSLY, turn on their own. Fabio knows he voted for Holly, so the 2 votes for him had to have come from his own guys. Whoever take the credit for engineering that is going to get mad jury votes.

Dan isn’t going anywhere. Every person in the game (dating back at least a month of shows before this) wants to sit next to Dan at the end.

I actually didn’t “get” what happened there for about 30 seconds after the votes were read. Then it dawned on me…“Ooooh…now Fabio KNOWS that his “alliance” stabbed him right in the kidneys!”

Interesting note from Probst blog:

I sometimes wonder how long those puzzles take. The show makes it seem like they get solved in minutes.

Fabio/Benry were clueless on the puzzle. Fabio picked it up a little bit. Jane made a good hearted dig at Fabio puzzle solving ability.

IMO, I think this challenge should have not been an “elimination” challenge. let everyone have a chance to solve the puzzle. If it takes them longer to unravel the rope and reach the puzzle pieces, so be it.