Survivor - December 8, 2010 *spoilers*

I had hoped that this season would get a bit better after NaOnka and Kelly left, but it really hasn’t. It’s just a massive failure of a season. The original concept was fatally flawed, and they had to give up on it after a short while. I wonder if that is part of the problem with this season - they had prepared challenges for “Old vs. young” but when they ditched that concept they had to scramble.

I also don’t like the idea of casting “Dans.” The producers had to know that a rich man with no knees was only going to advance as a person to take to the finals, with no chance of winning. And sure enough, that’s exactly what is happening, and no one even pretends otherwise. He is a useless participant. Maybe at some point Survivor needs to have an elimination challenge where the loser gets eliminated. Set up an obstacle course - include puzzles if you want - and let them fight it out. This should eliminate the “Dans” and the “unassuming quiet girl who flies under the radar while doing nothing to help her team at all.”

Yeah, this is the key distinction to me.

With the boys he felt he would have to win the final-4 immunity to make final three, because each of them would prefer to go against each other than against him (since he was tighter with the jury). With the Chase group he has a much better chance of making final 3 (since everyone seems to think that Jane can’t be allowed to get anywhere near).

It came down to a better chance at final 3 vs. a better chance at winning but higher chance at getting booted at 4.

Big boon for him to not have to worry about the idol now, I wonder if his new alliance will target him for it immediately, or let him slide along while they go after Fabio and Dan (but really, why get rid of Dan at all?)… and when do they try to get rid of Jane, if they truly believe that they can’t take her to the end?

I totally agree with this. The combination of uselessness with inability to win makes for a really ugly and boring side of the show. I have no problem with a social winner or a manipulative winner, but a carried loser is just bad TV.

I love this idea, but it’ll never happen on the grounds that it isn’t Survivor. Much like how Jeff had to explain to Russell at his second reunion show that it doesn’t matter if the audience would’ve awarded him the million, they shouldn’t get a vote because then the game wouldn’t be Survivor. The whole point is to force the finalist to ask the very people they voted off to award them a million dollars.

The game doesn’t work nearly as well if they didn’t vote them off. Which is yet another problem with this season, btw, what with two jury members who didn’t get voted off. Sheesh.

The “Dan” problem needs to be fixed by casting. I originally thought Jimmy Johnson was the “Dan”, and honestly I would have been much more okay with him in that role. Marty fixed that, though, and if the actual Dan ends up making this problem so blatant that they have to address it, we’ll all owe Marty a thank you.

EDIT: Also, just wanted to toss out there that this season’s last few weeks have zero eye candy for us hetero guys. So very lame.

This has been discussed in previous threads, but some have been saying that over half the contestants this season (including Naonka) were recruited rather than having applied for the show. (I couldn’t find a cite; can anyone help out?)
If true, this seems to be a big part of the problem. If you have people who didn’t decide on their own to be there, you’re more likely to have people changing their minds halfway through and/or not bothering to do anything while there. Surely there’s no shortage of folks who want to play Survivor and would not dream of quitting!

Except during Tribal Council when we get to see cleaned-up versions of Alina, Brenda, and Kelly. Not too shabby, any of 'em. (I guess Nay didn’t look half-bad either, but knowing her personality, I can’t get behind that.)

It is almost a certainty that a substantial number of contestants on just about every season of every reality show ever have been recruited. That’s just how it works.

In the challenge that involved untangling the rope (can’t recall now if that was immunity or reward), Probst never mentioned Dan during his play-by-play, and the camera was never on Dan. I wonder if he just immediately raised his hand and said “I’ll be sitting over here…you guys have fun.” Not only is Dan boring TV…he’s non-TV.

Well at least we got to see a pretty good ‘game-move’ amidst this ugly season. Sash really worked his way into a great position this ep. He may be the only game-player left. Maybe Chase, but I just don’t think he’s very good at it :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m pretty sure I’m not going to enjoy the finale, but I will enjoy the reunion.

This was exactly how I felt. Once Sash said he was going with the Chase/Jane/Holly alliance, the three guys just kinda gave up and instead started pleading to not be the first to go home. I think they could’ve made a strong argument that Sash would be better off with the three of them because he can beat all of them (Dan has zero chance to win, and Benry/Fabio haven’t been much of players and don’t have connections). The other alliance is tightly knit, will likely vote for each other, and both Jane and Holly are respected as game players. Sash might think he has Brenda and Marty’s votes, but Brenda might be sore over his betrayal and Marty will vote for Jane if he thinks everyone else was too stupid to get rid of her.

I’ll be surprised if the next two to go aren’t Fabio and Dan. There’s the potential Sash gets blindsided, but I think it’s slight (especially since he has an idol).