Survivor: Exile Island Ep. 3 - "Crazy Fights, Snake Dinners"

I wasn’t going to post the Yahoo! TV episode description this week so I didn’t inadvertently post any spoilers, but apparently Yahoo! TV has been monitoring our discussions, as they have provided us with the following:

I am not making this up, guys; click here for verification. I looked it up on TiVo too, just to make sure, and that only confirms that there is no information regarding tonight’s episode. Is there some sort of vast consipracy afoot, or did I just miss a meeting again? I don’t want to poke around on CBS’s website too much, as they often give away more than I want to see, but you can click here to get to the show’s main page if you want more info.

Anyway … no guesses as to what will happen tonight, except probably some crazy people (one of whom will almost definitely be Shane) will get into a fight, and some people (perhaps from another tribe) will eat snakes. Or, they’ll catch snakes and use them as bait, to catch dinner. Or not. That’s already been done on Survivor (in Palau), and most of these people act like they’ve never seen Survivor before. So who knows.

If you have good info, please spoiler box it, so whoever wants to read it can. But it won’t be me, because darn it, I will cure myself of this spoiler addiction yet!

My cable thingy has:

Wow. I’m shocked at this turn of events. I never would have seen that coming.
“Crazy fights”? Hmmm. I wonder who fights? I remember in the previews thay showed a full-contact challenge. I don’t know if it was a RC or IC, though, and I don’t know if it’s talking about that or personal in-fighting between teammates.
The ‘snake dinners’ I can only assume means one team is eating snake.

I would really, truly like to see Cirie just sit down and refuse to take part in the Immunity Challenge, like someone suggested last week. Failing that, I’d like to see Shane say something stupid. :slight_smile:

I thought that was a given any time he spoke.

Who called him InShane?

singing quietly to myself
InShane in the membrane, InShane in the brain, he’s insane, he’s got no brain …

I don’t know the song, but I like ‘InShane’ as a nickname. See, they have to come naturally.

I want to see him go nuts and try to smoke some palm fronds or just stand over the fire for hours, inhaling and quivering.

Oh man, the ‘previouslies’ were worth it just to see InShane get racked again. :wally

“They made a very judgemental move”?
Please tell me I heard that wrong …

I don’t know what Shane’s tattoos are, but it looks like he’s branded himself with barcodes. What is that about? If anyone knows what they actually say, please enlighten us all.

I think it’s the page numbers for various diagnoses from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Health.

I think Survivor hit a low point of sorts with a challenge being won because a 250-pound man grabbed a 100-pound woman by the tank top and pulled her down.

I think that was me? And whoa is he living up to that name or what! Arass is being an ass as well. He thinks he is in an alliance with three crazy folks, I got news for him. he left one out.


Aras can’t be crazy! He invoked the Spirit of Sanity before the show started then chanted for 40 minutes with a mantra of stability…


I assumed they were a running tally of how many cigarettes and lattes he hasn’t had since he’s been on the island. Maybe his “kid’s” name is BOSTON? InShanity ensues.

Survivor: Exile Island Ep. 3 - "Crazy Fights, Snake Dinners"
Um, I get the ‘Crazy Fights’ piece, but not the ‘Snake Dinners’? I recall a shot of a little green snake with a REALLY BIG MOUTH, but I didn’t see anyone eating him up. Did I miss something?

Yeah, I’m not real thrilled with the challenges so far either … although I did dig last week’s “giant zombie head” thing. Mostly because “giant zombie head” is a cool thing to say. Giantzombieheadgiantzombieheadgiantzombiehead. Hmm … that could be a band name right there: rockle and the Giant Zombie Heads. Our world-famous show-closing number would of course be a cover of the Hooters’ “All You Zombies,” with a kazoo solo in the arrangement.

Oh, topic. Yeah. About that … Sally and Misty are very pretty, and Sally in particular has excellent teeth. Austin is cute, too, and he isn’t usually my type. I really haven’t much else to say about this episode. So far, I’m boredy-bored-bored with this installment. It’s like Amazon and Vanuatu in one, only without the crazy machete-sharpening guy and the corralling of the muddy piglets. So far, anyway.

Come on, guys! Kick it up a notch or something! Or else I’m going to start cheering for the inclement weather.

Why oh why did they censor the part where Danielle’s top was pulled down, exposing her funbags? We can take it!

My favorite moment was Aras commenting on Bruce’s water filtration system; “I don’t know if it’s working or not.” A week ago yoga boy was piling hands together in an attempt to build fire and now he’s Mr Skeptical?

Cirie is showing herself to be the dumbest player ever. Shane is having a total psychotic breakdown. And what does she do? Sit there and act smug. No, you lazy idiot, you need to get up and start playing this game! Start talking to Courtney and Danielle and Aras about how you’d make a better ally than the crazy guy. If you don’t, Bobby or Bruce will and you’ll still end up being the next one voted out.

And I figured Misty was going to go (actually my first guess was Sally). Ruth Marie might have seemed like the obvious choice but she was basically invisible for the whole show. Nobody gets voted off without the editors giving them a chance to say something during the show.

Austin and Nick have apparently decided which way they’re going to go. But I think they should have tried to steer Dan and Terry towards Ruth-Marie. That way they could have spun out the possibilities for another week before having to commit.

That would have been a best-case scenario for the young guys, and it seemed like they did discuss Ruth Marie first, actually. But when the conversation turned to Misty instead, and Terry and Dan seemed pretty set on her going, they really didn’t have a decent choice other than to go along. Neither of the younger women wanted to vote out either Dan or Terry, and voting out Ruth Marie would have tipped the young guys’ hand without numerically diminishing the sector they were “betraying”. Both Terry and Dan would have still been in the game, only now they’d know what was up and could scramble against it. Voting out Misty left the other sector they had the chance to join diminished by half. Sure, Sally knows which way the boys have decided to swing, so to speak, but she has to face reality…she’s IT on her end now. No comrade-in-arms to work with and facing an alliance now that’s decided to attrite the women.

Just to, you know, lower the bar here…did anyone else see pixellation on InShane’s FRONT? Like his shorts were hiked so far down that they had to blur out pubes? Ewwww…

I just call him Momento-boy.

So, the guy’s alliance is it. Tough luck for the chicks next time around.

I’m starting to really like Austin. He’s got the perfect personality/physical fitness combo for Survivor. He does well in the challenges, and is just a kick-back, easy going guy. He’ll probably have a huge target on his back once the merge happens, but I think he’s got a good chance of winning. I like Ruth-Marie as well, but she looked beat to the bone tonight.

Nice to see Cire doing well in the challenges. For someone who was afraid of leaves on the first day, she seems to be settling into Survivor life just fine. She’s doing great at just taking a step back and let the others make enemies.