Survivor: Exile Island 2/23--"Starvation and Lunacy"

That’s right kids, it’s time. And what a title!! Starvation and Lunacy?? That’s got “reality gold” written all over it.

The promos I’ve been seeing on CBS are probably overstating it a little, but if I remember right, they said …

Something happens tonight that will CHANGE THE GAME FOREVER, and we’ll also be treated to the CLOSEST CHALLENGE IN SURVIVOR HISTORY.

And then there were some shots of InShane doing what he does best … and holding a machete while doing it. And Cirie looking quite happy about the whole thing.

So, what are the odds this will actually be earthshaking? Anyone?

This is the part I’m really looking forward to. Hopefully, Cirie will capitolize on his inShaneness and break up his group.
What could possibly happen to change Survivor forever that wouldn’t be big enough to make news before the episode aired?

There it is!

Sorry…I was looking for this thread a little bit ago.

Another preview from the CBS site (since spoilers are working again):

Someone contaminates something vital back at camp… I’m thinking Shane’s going to pee in the well or something

Oh, and let me be the first to note…


My cable description says, “A fourth player is voted off.”
Talk about succinct.

Jeez, people, give us a little something. Don’t spoil the whole episode, but they could write more than that. Yeah, I know they’re probably going off what CBS gives them, but still.

Woo Hoo!

::: grabs jayjay and does the TAR Happy Dance :::

jayjay, if that happens, I will laugh so hard my roommate may have to call an ambulance. That would be beeyootiful.

Bibs, that exactly what says. Bugs the hell out of me. Of course a fourth player is voted off. That’s why we watch the damn show in the first place.

And I almost mentioned TAR in the OP, but I forgot by the time I finished. :smiley: Just from the commercials, I love the bearded guys.

Are those the two guys - one’s wearing a peach ruffled tuxedo shirt, and the other one says, “Is this the most James Bond thing you’ve every done?”
I like them, too.

I never got into TAR, but I did see that on a commercial. Was that just after they got out of a Robinson?

One thing about the RCs in Survivor: If I were to win one, I’d definitely ask if I could fly the helicopter.

Yes, those guys. I’d like them just on the strength of the shirt, but I remember enjoying the profile I read on them, too. My roommate has never watched more than one episode per season of TAR–she’s probably going to be quite shocked at my behavior. She thinks I’m bad enough when we watch Survivor. :smiley:

So sue me. :smiley: I’m not feeling well today and I think I’m going to TiVo Survivor tonight and go to bed at 6pm. I didn’t want to start the thread if I’m not going to be watching, you know? Oh, and double whoo-hoo on the Race. No, really, I can’t wait, even if it doesn’t sound like it today. Not crazy about the schedule change, but I’ll live, I suppose. (Did I mention I’ll be visiting a TAR pit stop when I go on vacation on May?)

Here is DirecTV’s description:

A banished castaway thrives on Exile Island; constant bickering and shouting matches between tribe members leaves one castaway regretting their alliance.

Regarding what lightstrand said said

lightstrand’s spoiler said:
“… constant bickering and shouting matches between tribe members leaves one castaway regretting their alliance…”
I’ll take “Anyone Aligned With Shane” for $500, Alex.

Oh, and I guess the spoiler tags are working again, huh?

Thank Og! This has been a light week of quality television and hopefully tonight will pull a 180 for me :slight_smile:

What schedule change? It’s on next week tuesday at 8pm cst - 10pm, same bat time, same bat channel. No?

TAR synopsis of the premiere:

Here We Go, Baby, Off to Win a Million Dollars The race begins in Denver, Colo., when teams jet off to their first location, Sao Paulo, Brazil, where they must venture into the heart of the city to find their next clue.

Oh, Survivor, yea. Umm…yeah. Go Shane, go bat-shit crazy.

Yes. BUT. After that, the regular 1-hr weekly episodes will air an hour later, at 10PM ET, which is very inconvenient for me, as I am a VERY OLD PERSON who likes to be asleep by 9:00 whenever possible. (CBS’ new Tuesday-night show, “The Unit,” premieres March 7th @ 9pm - in the Race’s old timeslot.) Staying up until 10:00 to watch the Race was already keeping me up past my bedtime; now I think I’m going to have to TiVo it every week and watch it on tape delay. I mean, it’s the best show on TV, but I have my limits.

Regarding light strand’s spoiler, my Survivor Insider words it thusly:

“Constant bickering between tribemates leaves one Survivor regretting an alliance with a bunch of lunatics” (emphasis added, plus the forgot to include the word “raving” in there).


I’m old and tired too. I’ll make a pact with you not to watch it until Wednesday. :slight_smile:

Back to Survivor, since maybe we should talk about it … (just speculation based on previous spoilers, no new ones)

If one person is worried about being allied with a bunch of lunatics … well, that could be any of them, couldn’t it? Aras started showing his reservations last week, but Shane’s got all the makings of a wonderful persecution complex and Courtney is probably just plain ol’ batshit in her own way, so I can’t even begin to hazard a guess. I just really want to see Shane crack the hell up. That’s good television.

Wouldn’t it funny if we’re all talking about the entirely wrong tribe in all our speculations?

I feel pretty confident we are not. :slight_smile:

That does suck. I try to go to bed at 9cst and read until I fall asleep, usually in 2 minutes. I can make it to 10cst/11est though.

“Fat Freaking City”