Survivor: Fiji - Ep. 4: "Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong To None"

Previously on Survivor: Stuff happened! I’m not going to go into it all because I was up waaaaaaay too late last night watching another show, and to compensate for my fatigue I drank three 20-oz. bottles of Mountain Dew (!!) today, and when that didn’t work, I supplemented with about half of a 4½-lb. bag of swirly gummi bears (!!!), and now I’m all twitchy and goofy and there is going to be a major sugar crash in about an hour, y’all. You have no idea. I hope I don’t drool on my TiVo remote, because that would suck. But on topic, you can read the threads for the previous episodes here, and here, and here, and here.

{Also, there isn’t much to say because, let’s face it: this part of the season is always boring, and this particular cast is especially boring, and I just can’t drum up that much excitement about the Bat Cave right now, when I can feeeeeeeel my blood sugar dropping like a stone. It’s a good thing I’m not driving the car pool this week, because I’m going to fall asleep on the way home. I need a nap.}


· After both having endured Exile Island, two Survivors work together to find the Hidden Immunity Idol. Will this strategy pay off?
· Ravu fights for their choice of some desperately needed luxury items in a “winner takes all” Reward Challenge. Can they muster the strength to defeat Moto?
· One tribe begins to splinter as some members treat others with blatant disrespect.
· A mental challenge for Immunity confuses one Survivor, causing them to lose the challenge for their team.

And also, from

The hunt for the hidden immunity idol heats up when the former exiles work together to locate this game-changing element. Another castaway is voted off of the islands. Jeff Probst is the host.

And some bonus material, to thank you all for putting up with my whining: An article about Papa Smurf, and another article about Liliana, from last week.

Go, Barfing Snakes!

Are Lisi, Stacy and Boo stupid or what? I suppose it IS understandable that a tribe that thinks it’s checked into the Waikiki Hilton can forget about, oh, I don’t know…THE GAME?! But seriously! “Oh, we’ll just alienate enough people on our tribe to cancel out our majority when we merge! Sounds good to me!” I really felt for Alex…I’ve had to deal with people like that myself. Anything that requires a change in their preferred behavior to deal with is better left alone, to their thinking.

Loved Lisi’s face plant into the dirt.

I remember when I watched for the drama. I remember when I watched for the schadenfreude. But these last few seasons, I am tired of watching for the stupid.

Rocky is a stupid waste of space, but he stays while Rita, who was at least busting her ass, goes home. She talked while I was trying to think? Please bring back Rudi, this crop is to pathetic.

I was really thinking that this would be my last season, because I ate up the racial divisions last year, and was upset they disolved them early. But this whinefest on one side and the frankly racist “screw the schwartzes” from the other is making me ill.

There is one way that this season can be saved, but I think we have agreed to stop aboveground nuclear testing.

That RC was painful to watch.

And just tell the man how to make a fucking cup of coffee, ladies. Shit!

And you reach Survivor age and can’t make a cup? It’s all too sad.

Not everyone knows how to use a French press. Hell, I know a LOT of people who have probably never even SEEN a French press.

I said nice things about Lisi and Stacy before. I take it back. I take it all back. They’re wicked, rotten, nasty people, and to top it off, they’re dumb as rocks – that’s insulting to the rocks, frankly. Have they never seen this show? It’s Day 13. There are at least 26 days to go. Do they really think that Alex, Edgardo, and Stacy’s boobs are going to carry them all the way to the end of the game? Lisi’s ego might weigh as much as three people, but she only gets one vote. And her vote? Can be replaced by Cassandra’s, or by Dreamz’s. God.

Also: now and forever, when I see the sumo game that they played tonight, I will think back to Survivor: Palau, when the challenge was called “Sumo at Sea” (instead of, I guess, “Sumo at Sludge”) and Ulong got a wee lead over Koror and Angie freaked out and said, “Oh yeah, let’s see how much you like Immunity Council!” and then Ulong proceeded to lose anyway. Bwahahahaha.

And I would like to add that Yau-Man is so stinkin’ cute. I want to adopt him, except I think he’s actually older than my dad. (Confirmed: He is. Yau-Man is 54, and my dad will be 53 in June.)

OK, on preview:

I’m dim, so forgive me for asking this, but what do you mean by this? Are you referring to the “Moto 5”'s exclusion of Dreamz and Cassandra? Because Dreamz kind of made his own problems by being, well, Dreamz at the beginning. Can’t explain what their deal is with Cassandra, though. That’s baffling. Do you think it’s because they’re black? Because Alex, Edgardo, and Lisi are all Latino, so they’re minorities themselves. I really am asking.

I have been told that I make a divine cup of coffee, when I use my own stuff that I am familiar with. I couldn’t use a French press to make Kool-Aid, even if I had to. A lot of people, including my grandparents, only drink instant coffee (those two crazies actually drank Sanka when they were on the island of Kona for their 50th wedding anniversary, oh my lands!).

It must be living in benighted rural Pennsylvania that deprives us so, rockle:smiley:

Prolly. That’s my excuse for everything else.

I agree with this completely. Well almost completely, as I didn’t see last season (the only season I have missed, school got in the way!).

Now Rita is gone, who I thought was quite the yummy mommy and that Moron and WIMP that is Rocky is still around? A bigger loudmouth who has done absolutely nothing I can’t recall. And now poor dreamz seems like he has to put up with him?

I admit it, I like dreamz. I think a lot of his perceived problem is that he grew up poor and homeless, and has an attitude to try to hide it.

Rockle so only white folk can be racist?

I think it is racism myself, and don’t see what colour they happen to be matters at all. I think its racism a lot more coming from the ladies and Boo then from the 2 guys who at least seem to have a brain. Did anybody else find it completely transparent the attempt by the ladies of the 5 to include the 2 black folk?

Rocky is definitely all hat no cattle. The man runs his mouth and then gets his ass kicked in the reward challenge in about 5 seconds flat by a homeless cheerleading coach. He then proceeds to screw up a chance to finally win an immunity challenge. I am starting to believe that he received his nickname because his head is full of rocks.

I am married into a Latin family and I can tell you first hand that Latin people can be as racist as anyone else. More, perhaps.

I can understand having an alliance. It’s a game. But damn. Did Dreamz and Cassandra piss in their cornflakes or something?

I like how Dreamz handled it. I’m glad he wasn’t fooled by their fake niceness. I just wish Cassandra got more screen time. I mean, the only time I’ve heard her voice was when she was talking about Gary last week. And then she sounded like she was about to cry.

OK, sorry for the trainwreck.

To the coffee defenders, OK, it’s understandable that Dreamz has never seen a French press. And the excuses for women that would not explain one to him really deserve my approbation. Except the man sat down and pretended to do this every day. If your ass and elbow still confuse you, ask for help. Both sides should be excoriated.

And to rockle, yes sadly, I do mean the exclusion of Cassandra and Dreamz in my “screw the schwartzes.” There are weaker players on that team, hi Lisi, and yet they chose to exclude the two blacks? It’s not like they were not contributing, they went 3/3 on the Reward Challenge. Yes Dreamz can be an ass, but no more than Lisi.

What really hurts is that, for the first time ever, this bunch has made me root for a lawyer. Can’t we have an axe murderer?

Someone with inside information please, please come tell us in a spoiler box when these weekly massacre “challenges” will finally have a different outcome. I’m sick of watching Ravu get their asses handed to them. I’d hate to be on their team–it must be incredibly mentally crushing.

Looks like next week they either merge, reshuffle, or allow for defection. Perhaps the producers started thinking they’re going to lose audiences like me who are getting too pissed to watch…much longer.

On a side note, how many of you have dreamed you’re on Survivor? I have a few times, and each time I’m the quiet one watching from the shadows (anyone who knows me is laughing their ass off at that throught). I’m not voted out early, but I don’t quite make the final four…more like final eight or so.

I need to get out more.

Yes. I am sorry Jeff and co. This idea of having it be easier for the winning team to win the next challenge has proved to be so damn boring. In physical challenges, the Ravu tribe has no chance at all and hasn’t had much of one. The way they lost the reward challenge today was just sad. Bad idea, worst Survivor since the Africa one.

As much as I dislike Dreamz,Lisi and stacy are gonna get turned on it looks like.Dreamz did make his own bed in the beginning so he will be lucky to survive.I hadn’t noticed Cassandra much before this week but she seemed a little lax in everything(except the sumo challenge) Anyone notice her behavior previous weeks?

I think Ravu would be outmatched physically even if the had the same luxuries as Moto.I don’t remember one sumo match where I thought Ravu had a chance,I even thought Yua man was gonna get beat.

Sigh … sometimes, I’m really dumb. In re-reading what I wrote last night, I noticed that I forgot to leave out any common sense. When I said “blah blah blah Alex, Edgardo, and Lisi blah blah blah minorities,” I meant to say that as a way of explaining their connection in the first place. I think Lisi is the ringleader there, and Alex and Edgardo are thinking ahead, working with the opportunities that are presented to them to keep themselves in the game as long as possible. And honestly, it hadn’t occurred to me that the exclusions were racially motivated; it seems to me that Lisi aligned herself with the strongest guys on the tribe – two of whom also happened to be Latino, so there was a possible innate connection here – and Stacy, just because she needed an extra person. I’m not saying Lisi isn’t racist, but I don’t know that the rest of them are, necessarily. Boo is a doof and Stacy is an evil bitch. I just wanted to clear that up.

In other words (God, woman, shut up!): I don’t think Lisi excluded Cassandra and Dreamz from her machinations just because they’re black; it just happened to work out that way. And regardless of whether I give her too much credit or not, she’s a horrible person. I hope she gets a fungus somewhere very uncomfortable.