Survivor: Guatemala Ep. 4 - "To Betray or Not To Betray"

Anybody have any ideas about the Very Big Shocking Twist That’s Never Happened Before This Week? WILL it actually be a twist? WILL it actually shock anyone? WILL Jeff finally reveal that he is an animatronic puppet, like everyone’s always assumed anyway?

I’m putting my money on the mohawk-pirate howler monkey and/or one of the crocodiles to put in the performance of the week. I hope the castaways show a little more spunk and personality this week. Hate to say it … but I think I’m getting bored with this season. Come on, guys! Don’t let us down!

I know I’m getting a little bored, because I can’t even remember if I watched it last week.

But hey–if somebody gets eaten by an alligator or a howler monkey, I’ll never miss an episode again. :slight_smile:

Will Stephanie exhibit her ever-increasing sense of entitlement again? Will she still refuse to be friends with the bug-eaters? Will she roll he eyes and whine about not deserving to be on a losing team again? Will I get even more annoyed with a player I used to really love?

You betcha!

Heh. I recently had a conversation with my husband regarding Stephenie, in which he said the following, which I am not making up: “Seriously, why did I ever think she’s cute? She totally reminds me of your sister. ‘Waaah, love me because I’m me! Didn’t my daddy tell you I’m perfect?’ Good God. No wonder your sister isn’t married yet. Somebody should whack her upside the head with some firewood.” When I asked him who he was talking about (The Brat or The Steph), he wasn’t sure any more. That’s pretty harsh, for him.

I was going to predict ouster for Brooke, but I am instead calling rockle’s sister!

Also, anyone see this nugget?

Jeff Probst Quitting “Survivor”?

I think the show could go on without him, but they’d need to replace him with a pro (not a former cast member).

I was on an early morning schedule last week, and my vcr is having issues, so I missed most of the network tv (the stuff that doesn’t get run a million times a week) I usually watch. I’m actually pretty happy about this, and decided to just give up on about 5 different shows entirely.

But Survivor I like; anything with goofy physical challenges is aces in my book. Did I miss anything I need to know about? I read the thread for last week, and it seemed like I missed nothing.

Not really. Sadly. Although there was some excellent monkey footage.

Regarding Probst quitting–I guess I don’t think of him as being essential to the show. Maybe he had a bigger role in earlier seasons? (I started watching at Amazon.) Does he have a lot of say in how the show runs? Does he make up his own questions, or are they fed to him by the producers? I like him as host, but unless there’s more going on than meets the eye, he’s replaceable.

Actually, a new host could help revive the franchise. Perhaps with a new host could come a slightly different role for the host. Like what if the host got more involved with the people on the show, paying visits to the camp and whatnot. TPTB could imply that the new host has some influence over the results, and watch as the contestants fall all over themselves trying to impress him or her.

I would* pay to see* one of the cast eaten by a monkey. I’d pay really well. Hell, I might even take out a home equity loan for that one.

Episode has aired. Spoilers follow.

I thought it was pretty savvy of Gary not to get involved in the tomahawk throwing. That challenge almost seemed to be tailor made to out him as a QB. What’s next? Throwing a football through tires?

Since I missed last week, I still don’t really know who most anyone is. Mixing up the tribes just confused me even further.

Nice tactic of ramming the boat in the challenge. Didn’t the tribe that did the ramming end up losing? heh. (I remember Gary saying GO when they were being rammed and the tribe telling him they couldn’t. And Gary wasn’t at the tribal council.)

So, I’m confused: The tribe that lost the 11 mile hike lost out on the “good” camp, and had to settle for the camp by the lake? And the “good” camp has no body of water nearby in 100+ degree heat? Yeah, I’d have sandbagged on that hike if I knew that was going to be the case.

I’m digging the King Kong guy. I especially laughed when he was rambling about not having any connection to his tribe, so see ya! hehheh.

How about a gator eats a person and then a snake eats the gator?

OK, first of all, just before I posted this, two of the three Google ads at the bottom of the page read “Bored?” and “How to get un-bored” – heh.

Big ups again to the cinematographers. More beautiful monkey footage, plus some nice shots of the macaws and the raccoony things hiding in the trees. As I pretty much expected, the monkeys stole the show again this week. They are too cute! I want to have one for a pet, but I’m going to have to wait on that one until I can get the cats to stop pooping on the rug. Lissa – I’m with you. Killer attack monkeys would be sweeeeeeet. I have four dollars in my wallet. What do you think that will get us?

Now, I have to admit that I was a little bit surprised that the tribal scramble came so soon. I don’t remember the shuffle happening in Episode 4 before. I also don’t remember this method of picking new tribes, so good on the producers for coming up with something new. Interesting Reward Challenge tonight, too – but we did we only see pixellated Gary bits, and no pixellated Bobby Jon bits? I like Gary, but not like that.

Judd is driving me batty. Please tell me I am not the only one. He should have tagged out of the Immunity Challenge long before he did. All his bluster does not become him. I hope he remembers what happens to the swing vote more often than not – they’re gone at the next T.C. (coughDollycough) In all Nakúm’s talk about getting rid of the weak, they forgot what used to be the first rule of Survivor: Get rid of the person who loses the challenge. I hate to think that accountability has gone out the window with Luxury Items.

Feh. I’m bored.

The people are boring. The challenges are boring. The scenery is even boring. Howlie is cool, but that’s about it.

Who was the Animal House fan who yelled "ramming speed? :smiley:

Agreed, on all counts. And I will totally refer to the monkey as Howlie from now on.

None of this series’ players seem to have really caught on as a personality yet.

Bobby John didn’t have much of a personality last year. And he’s lost in the crowd so far this season. Jamie and Blake might as well be Bobby John clones.

Lydia’s personality is hoping she avoids getting voted off each week.

Danni, Brooke, and Cindy all look good but don’t seem to go beyond that.

Amy worries about her ankle. Gary worries about somebody findin out he was in the NFL. Stephanie worries about losing challenges.

Brian is the gay guy. Rafe is the other gay guy. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Margaret is sort of annoying but not enough so to be interesting.

Brandon is sullen.

Judd has glimmers of a personality but it seems to be mostly as a New Yawk stereotype.

Is Brian “officially” gay? He sets off my gaydar like a platoon of Jerry Hermans but I haven’t seen his biography or anything from the CBS site.

One of the most hilarious moments all season long was his deer-in-the-headlights look as he tried, oh so unsuccessfully, to bluff at TC. Man, I want to play poker with this guy!

Yeah, they’re kind of boring to watch, but I think it’s probably too hot and miserable to display much personality. How interesting are people who can only lie on the ground and swat bugs? I can just imagine the producers, looking at a thousand hours of footage of people laying around all day and wishing mightily for someone to start a fight to spice things up a bit. I’m surprised they don’t order the camera people to poke them with sticks.

Something that irked me: “Who’s starving? Here’s an apple! Now, who works the hardest? They get a full picnic!”

Were those clubs grossly unbalanced? Because otherwise, this challenge was a snap. I can’t see anybody being that uncoordinated as to miss those targets. Hell, I could hit at twice those ranges, and I’m only mildly competent with weapons.