Survivor March 26

Am I blind? No thread?

Hope the producers are noticing what a great season you can have with all new contestants and no Redemption Island.

Was that the lamest effing “I quit” in the history of the game, or what?

And I know the boobs fans are disappointed by that blindside last night, but I was hootin’ and hollerin’. (As a heterosexual female, I’m hoping Jeremiah is around for a long, long time … swoon)

And isn’t next week early for the final merge?

  1. Of all the people who have ever quit I hate Lindsey the least. She has a temper issue, recognized it and took herself away along the beach. She realized that wasn’t enough and quit. It shows a lot more self realization than most reality show contestants have.
  2. Holy Tony control. I hope that it trips him up when people realize he’s a significant threat.
  3. I was pretty impressed by how they all stuck to the story during tribal so Alexis was actually blindsided. Too often they slip up and feel the need to gloat during tribal and ruin the reveal.
  4. My Sarah is in the coveted and feared swing vote position. Don’t screw up Sarah!

11 is pretty typical for the final merge - jury of 7-9, final 2-3. I’m betting on 8/3 this year.

I was really surprised when Probst showed up on the beach. My reaction was like “What? Jeff comes in just to hear a contestant whine?” so I was stunned when it turned out to actually be a Probst-worthy moment.

Yeah, that was pretty pathetic. I think Colton set a pretty low bar for contestant fortitude.

This has been the season for blindsides and Tony was insanely quick on his feet. I missed some of this season, so what was it about the woman they voted off that made her a target?

Nothing from previous episodes. The guy from the brain tribe didn’t trust her because she pretended to be dumber than she is. The rest of the brains didn’t much care which one of the beauties they voted off as long as it was a beauty.

I may be an idiot, but I believe Tony is really with that five.

I couldn’t believe the confessionals where people didn’t believe the redneck guy. He presented unassailable logic in his own defense. Truly impeccable reasoning that can’t be denied: “We lost the challenge. You don’t get a HII clue for losing.” He’s absolutely right.

Yeah, that was a pretty bad reason to leave. I mean, I suppose it’s better than if she had snapped and murdered Boston Cougar, but still. I guess staying around to throw challenges isn’t much better though. She didn’t know if they were close to a merge or not.

I don’t know that he feels any real loyalty with Yoo, he might just be saying “top five” since, meh, he’s there, why risk it. Looks like we won’t have another tribal to find out, though.

I wonder if he took the time to explain that the clue was the exact same one they had on the purple side. Of course, it also would’ve helped if he actually kept the clue for himself instead of giving it back to Tony. Ah well.

So Medusa quits the night Cliff was voted out. Wasn’t it raining real hard during that Tribal Council?

I can imagine Probst getting back to his quarters, showering, enjoying a candlelit dinner and wine with his latest concubine, and getting a call that he has to go see Lindsey at the Camp.

No wonder he didn’t try hard to convince Lindsey to stay. He has never let anyone quit that easily before.

OMG, that’s awesome. And I’m sure you’re close to the truth.

I’m sure there’s a tell-all book in Jeff’s future,and it may make for good reading.

Don’t Tony and LJ both hold Immunity Idols? And they’re on the same team?

Yes, I don’t think they have told anyone that they found it.

It’s obvious from Lindsey’s exit interviews that she really did want to get violent with Trish, and she didn’t think she would be able to control herself. In which case quitting was the right decision and the producers probably couldn’t get her out of there fast enough.

I like the way Woo just slid into place with the new tribe once Cliff was voted out.

Alright, I have a pathetic soft spot for some people and I felt really bad for Alexis. No chance she would ever win the game and she was really pretty much out of her league in general on Survivor, but what a sweetie and super-duper cute. And then she’s haranguing herself post-vote because she “can’t even make the merge.” :frowning:

And when comparing Alexis to that Beauty with the floatation devices, seriously, how the hell can you not tell after a few days who would likely be loyal and who could you not trust? Hey, Spencer, maybe Alexis just really is that simple. Russell Hantz sure wouldn’t make that mistake.

One thing about the Brains, they way over-think things.

I dunno - I think it was a smart move to get rid of Alexis over Jeremiah. I’m sure Spencer was trying to sway the vote a little towards voting off a woman, since things were getting a little uneven there, and he’d be the last guy. And since that didn’t make the show, I’m wondering if there’s going to be some alliance-swapping at the merge along those lines. Or not - you never know.

I don’t know how to feel about Tony. He’s getting the villain edit, which is too bad. I think his “top five baby!” cheers were dumb, but even moreso was his gloating in camp about the fake immunity clue. It was a good move (a really good move, if the editing is to be believed), but you have to downplay that. And pull Woo in as a co-consipirator, to spread both the credit and the possible target a show of strength like that might create.

And finally, I’m not sure why Aparri didn’t try to vote out Sarah. Was the “top five baby!” really that convincing? The former beauties were fracturing and ripe for assimilating, why not target Solana?

Lindsey joins the Colton pantheon. What a way to flame out. Too bad it was instigated by Trish, whom I can’t stand. Even her accent grates on me, and I grew up in New England!

I do see Lindsey’s point about Trish’s teeth.

Ha! Right? Later on in the episode there was an extremely unflattering shot of her teeth and I thought to myself “Dreads was right!”

Yeah, but jeez…you have a conflict with someone, and the trump card in your argument is “you’re ugly!”? What is this, 3rd grade?

To think of all the contestants that have had to tolerate Secret Agent Phil in his baggy pink briefs and didn’t quit, or quit over any of the Hantz offerings, and Dreads quits because she has a mildly annoying team member?

I think the Cliff blindside told her she wasn’t long for the game and she was just tired of being there. Woo is in the same canoe, but he’s scrambling for position. Go Woo!

I’m in agreement with you there; Jeremiah is much more useful in challenges and such. But between Alexis and Morgan (floatation devices), there’s no comparison. But like you said, there could have been some stuff going that we didn’t see.

Re: Tony. So you’re trumpeting the fact that your tribe just saw the exits of not one, but two players – and both formerly of the Braun tribe? Tony strikes me as the type of cop who frames an innocent suspect just to get a conviction. Or worse, convinces himself they are guilty regardless of the evidence.

Alexis was clearly the right boot.

She was tight with Jefra and LJ.

Jeremiah, not so much.

Morgan definitely not and Sarah was clearly pissed at Tony’s stupid “final five!”